7 Amazing Beauty And Health Benefits Of Roses

Amazing Beauty And Health Benefits Of Roses
Receiving flowers ofter brings smile on our faces and its all the more good when the flowers are roses. We all know that roses are very pretty and have an amazing fragrance. For this reason, the flower is used in various perfumes. The flower has edible forms as well. In India, everyone would have heard about Gulkand which is used in various sweet dishes to add flavour. Apart from this, rose petals are also used in kitchen for garnishing.The flower is not unknown to any of us. But we might have never thought that it has many more benefits than being beautiful, fragrant and delicious.

Some Of The Benefits Are Stated Below:

1. Healthy Skin

Rosewater helps in improving the quality of skin. It is an astringent, so it makes your skin look younger and softer. It helps in cleaning and contracting the pores in skin. Larger pores usually capture dirt and lead to various skin problems. Rosewater is also anti bacterial in nature and helps in soothing skin irritation and itching. It kills all the bad bacteria in your skin and keeps it healthy. Most of us use the rosewater that we get from markets but, nothing is better than the one made at home.

Ingredients For Rosewater –

Rose petals
Clean Water

Procedure –

To make rose water at home, take few petals of rose and clean them with water properly. Make sure the petals are properly clean because you will be using them on your face. Boil some water in a pan and add the petals to the boiling water. When the petals are boiled in the water, take off the pan. Cover the pan and let the water soak the benefits of the petals for around 5 minutes. Strain the rosewater and you can use it on your skin. You may store it in a bottle for later use. After washing your face with normal face wash, simply apply the rosewater all over your face.
Healthy Skin

2. Better Digestion

Roses are very helpful in improving digestion and removing toxins from our body. You can try having rose tea 1-2 times in a day for better digestive system. Rose tea would improve secretion of bile from liver. Bile helps in digestion of food and this would lead to easy digestion.
Also, rose is diuretic in nature. It causes you to flush out toxins more often from your body. So if you have a cup of rose tea in a day, you should be sure that your urinary tract is healthy and is getting rid of toxins regulary.

Ingredients For Rose Tea –

Rose Petals

Procedure –

It is very simple to prepare rose tea. Take few petals of rose and clean them with water. Boil water in a pan and add the petals to the boiling water. Allow it to be heated for sometime, just like you make normal tea. You can then pour it in your mug and add honey for taste. Honey also has various health benefits. So it will add to the benefits of the rose tea. Your rose tea is ready to be sipped.
 Better Digestion

3. Improves Sore Throat

We usually prefer hot tea when we suffer from a bad throat. Sipping hot tea soothes the sore throat. But, a rose tea would be a lot better. Rose hip is a source of Vitamin C. We all know that Vitamin C is very good for our throat and so is the rose tea. Also, it will improve your immunity against common cold and flu.

Ingredients For Rose Tea –

Rose Petals
Rose Hips

Procedure –

This rose tea is a little different than the one taught above. Since rose hips contain Vitamin C, we are more interested in using them for tea. Rose hips are nothing but the edible fruit of the plant. You can make the tea by directly adding rose hips to it. Let the petals and hips boil in water for sometime. Strain the tea and add honey for better results.If you are too lazy to prepare the tea, you can directly eat the rose hip. It it totally edible.
Improves Sore Throat

4. Osteoarthiritis

Osteoarthiritis is a condition of painful and stiff joints. It is usually caused due to ageing, obesity or injury. Joint problems are mostly problematic because we might not get rid of them. Also, joint pains restrict our body moment to a great extent. According to certain researches, rose hips can be beneficial for people suffering from osteoarthiritis. Taking the rose hip (Hyben Vital) , two times a day, for 2-3 months can help in reducing the pain and the stiffness.

5. Antidepressant

Roses are antidepressant, but that doesn’t mean you should have them only if your are depressed. You can try roses even if you feel low or unhappy. They help in relieving depression, anxiety and tension. If you have ever realised, mere fragrance of the flower makes us happy and gives a calming effect. If you are suffering from a bad mood day, you can try having rose tea and it will help in releasing the pressure from your mind.

6. Better Immunity

If you often fall sick and catch cold or flu very easily, it might be because you have a poor immunity. Roses help in boosting our immunity so that we are able to fight against such diseases. These beautiful flowers are a source of Vitamin C. This vitamin is an anti-oxidant and would help in improving your immunity. Since rose hips have higher levels of vitamin C, you can make rose tea which includes rose petals and rose hips. Have 1-2 cups of the tea everyday and you will feel the difference.
 Better Immunity

7. Intestinal Health

Roses have antibacterial and antiviral properties. They help in killing the disease causing bacteria and viruses that live in intestines. They fight infection and keep your entire track healthy. Roses have anti-inflammatory property as well. So if infection causes inflammation in your intestines, roses would help in soothing the discomfort. If you are an easy victim of intestinal infections, drink a cup of rose tea everyday and it will solve the problem.
Intestinal Health
Roses have a lot of health benefits and are good for your skin, stomach, digestive system, throat,
etc. So now you know what to do with the roses when someone gifts them to you!