5 Easy Homemade Hand Scrub Recipes

Homemade Hand Scrub Recipes

Your hands often become dry and rough and the culprit could be anything- cold weather, frequent dishwashing, dry climatic conditions, or any other physical work. Using a good hand moisturizer is not enough if there is a lot of dead skin on the top surface as it doesn’t let moisture penetrate into it. So, you need a good hand scrub which can help remove the tough top dead skin layer for smoother and softer hands that could easily absorb the goodness of a moisturizer. You can prepare one at home with the natural ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen cabinet.

Here Are Five Easy Homemade Hand Scrub Recipes You Would Definitely Love

1. Chocolate Sugar Hand Scrub:

This scrub smells too good that you might even eat it off. Sugar works effectively in polishing your hands and the other ingredients provide powerful exfoliation.

List of ingredients

100gm of brown sugar
115gm of white sugar
3tbsp olive oil
1tsp cocoa powder
1/2tsp vanilla extract

Preparation Method

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly in a bowl. Now, spoon a scoop of this mixture into your hands. Gently rub the hands together in your sink. Wash off with tepid water and pat dry with a towel.[1]

Chocolate Sugar Hand Scrub

2. Sea Salt Hand Scrub:

This scrub is easy to make and your hands feel like silk after using it. For a soothing aroma, you can add your favorite essential oil to this hand scrub mixture.

List of ingredients

2tbsp of coarse sea salt
2-3tbsp of sweet almond oil
1-2drops of lavender essential oil

Preparation Method

Pour the above ingredients into a bowl and stir them well. Spoon a scoop into your hands and rub it all over your hands, in between the fingers, cuticles etc. Keep massaging gently until the salt dissolves completely. Use a gentle soap to wash off your hands and pat dry. You can later apply a good moisturizer or a hand cream.[2]

Sea Salt Hand Scrub

3. Coconut Oil Hand Scrub:

Coconut oil has all the skin healing properties and can be used to prepare a hand scrub as well. This hand scrub recipe helps exfoliate the dead skin cells on the top surface apart from providing moisture.

List of ingredients

One tbsp. coconut oil
One tbsp. lemon juice
Two tbsp. honey
1/4th cup rock salt
1/4th cup sugar

Preparation Method

In a medium sized bowl, mix honey and coconut oil. In another bowl, blend sugar, salt, and lemon juice until you get a coarse mixture. Mix the salt mixture and the honey mixture together until smooth. Take a scoop of this mixture into your hands and gently scrub for a few minutes. Wash off with tepid water and pat dry using a towel. You can store this mixture in a jar and use it regularly for best results.[3]

Coconut Oil Hand Scrub
4. Rosemary Oil Hand Scrub:

This recipe helps soothe and nourish dry hands and works great for tired and dirty hands. The ground rice and pumice powder help provide exfoliation whereas olive oil and almond oil helps soften, soothe, and nourish the skin. Rosemary oil is invigorating and soothing and is perfect to use for tired hands.

List of ingredients

10 drops of Rosemary essential oil
One tsp. pumice powder
One tbsp. rice powder
One tbsp. olive oil
One tbsp. almond oil

Preparation Method

Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl. Take a spoonful of this mixture into your hands and gently massage for a few minutes until you get rid of the dirt and debris. Wash off with tepid water and pat dry. Later, use a hand cream if necessary. [4]

Rosemary Oil Hand Scrub

5. Lemon Honey Sugar Hand Scrub:

This recipe is gentle and nourishing for your hands. This hand scrub mixture not only nourishes but also exfoliates at the same time. The zesty lemon oil in this mixture is soothing and warming and helps freshen your nail bed. The other ingredients are equally potent and help provide moisture to your nails and hands.

List of ingredients

Two drops of lemon oil
One tsp. honey
One egg yolk
One tbsp. sugar
Two tbsp. olive oil

Preparation Method

Add an egg yolk in a bowl and stir it well. Now, add olive oil and honey to the mixture. Stir it continuously until all the ingredients combine well. Later, add sugar and stir it again. Now, add the essential oil and give it a quick stir. To use, take a spoonful of this mixture and massage into clean and damp hands. Massage in between the fingers, cuticles, and around the nail bed. Let the hand scrub stand on the skin for at least five minutes. Rinse off with warm water and apply a good hand moisturizer or a hand cream.[5]

Lemon Honey Sugar Hand Scrub