6 Ways To Use Indian Lilac As A Natural Remedy For Eczema


Ways To Use Indian Lilac As A Natural Remedy For Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition which is due to genes. It means Eczema is a genetic condition. The symptoms of Eczema are itching, red patches, skin irritation, dryness and scratches. It is a condition in which skin of a person becomes inflammatory. Sometimes cracks also appear. In this condition, that person becomes prone to other serious skin diseases. Eczema is a genetic skin problem which cannot be cured completely but it can be prevented and its symptoms can be controlled. For its prevention and control, one of the natural remedy suggested by Ayurvedic Physicians is Neem or Indian Lilac. Each part of Neem is used as a medicine. It has many medicinal properties by means of which Eczema can be controlled and the symptoms can be prevented from appearing.

List Of Some Medicinal Properties Of Indian Lilac:

1. Analgesic Property:

By making use of Neem cream you can get immediate relief from pain.

2. Anti- inflammatory Agent:

Nimbidin and Nimbin in Neem can fight with inflammation.

3. Natural Emollient:

Neem based moisturizer should be applied on the dryness caused by Eczema as suggested by dermatologists.

4. Natural Antiseptic:

Secondary infections on skin can be prevented from spreading when Eczema is severe.

The above are the medicinal properties of Indian Lilac which can help a person to fight with Eczema. In addition to these properties, there are lots of products which can be prepared from Indian Lilac. For getting these products, there is no need to wander here or there in chemist shops. All of these products are very easy to prepare by collecting different parts of Indian Lilac and anybody can prepare them at his home by putting a little effort. This little effort can give a great benefit and relief to the person suffering from Eczema.

Remedies Of Indian Lilac Which Can Be Used To Treat Eczema:

1. Decoction:

The decoction prepared from the leaves of Indian Lilac is the best product to rinse the areas affected by Eczema.


For preparing this decoction, you have to take a handful of Indian Lilac leaves and some water. Boil the leaves in the water. Allow it to cool. Now take a cotton ball. Dip it into a decoction and apply on the affected areas for immediate relief.


2. Paste Of Leaves:

The paste of leaves of Indian Lilac can be applied to the affected areas of the person.


For preparing the paste, take 30-35 freshly plucked leaves of Neem. Put them into a blender with a little amount of water and make a smooth paste. Apply it for 30-40 minutes on the skin and then wash with lukewarm water.

Paste Of Leaves

3. Juice Of Leaves:

Juice of the Indian Lilac leaves can also be extracted and can be applied on the affected areas of the person.

Juice Of Leaves

4. Combination Of Indian Lilac With Turmeric:

As turmeric is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic herb, it can be combined with Indian Lilac leaves to give relief to the person having Eczema.


Mix two tablespoons of Indian Lilac leaves with an equal amount of turmeric to form a paste. Apply the paste on the affected areas and spread it. Allow it to dry and wash it with lukewarm water when the paste is completely dry.

Combination Of Indian Lilac With Turmeric

5. Indian Lilac Oil:

For reducing swelling and redness of the skin, the naturally extracted Indian Lilac oil is used in the treatment of Eczema.

Indian Lilac Oil


Never use Indian Lilac oil directly to the skin as it is very strong. Firstly, dilute it by using some Almond oil. Grape seed oil can also be used in the place of Almond oil.

6. Infused Oil:

In case you are not finding good quality Indian Lilac oil, Coconut oil infused with Indian Lilac can be used for treating Eczema.


Take 30-35 Indian Lilac leaves. Wash them with water and pat them dry. Take one cup Coconut oil and add these leaves into it. Let the leaves boil in the oil on a low flame for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, allow the oil to cool. On cooling, apply it on affected areas.

Infused Oil

These all are the products used for fighting Eczema. These can be equally beneficial if used alone or in combination with other ingredients. All of these products are formed from natural ingredients so there is no side effect on the person suffering from Eczema. The method of preparation is also easy. A little time with little patience and effort can give a major relief to the patient. Only some precautions in use should be taken care. The person will be fit and fine.