6 Warning Signs Of Autoimmune Disease That You Should Know About


Warning Signs Of Autoimmune Disease That You Should Know About

This should be considered as the biggest irony of our human body. The system which is the front runner from keeping the body safe and sound acts in reverse and causes more damage to our individual self. Now you might have some idea about the system we are talking about. It is the Immune system. As the name suggests the immune structure of the body defends it against both internal and external factors. It is like an automatic response your body does whenever it senses it is under attack. However, not everything is rosy with the picture. There are cases where it attacks its own tissues and damages it. In general terms, this is called as an autoimmune disease or an autoimmune disorder. This occurs mostly when the immune system gets into an over-drive and acts more or if the immune system fails majorly to shut out more disease causing agents. In many cases, the immune system acts weirdly because of a simple trigger that makes it believe that our body is the foreign object and that it needs to fight it. There are many types of diseases that can occur as a result of autoimmune deficiency and they send out some major symptoms the moment they get affected. Get to know more about the autoimmune disease with these warning signs and get adequate medical attention for it.

6 Warning Signs Of Autoimmune Disease That You Should Know About:

1. Unexplainable Weight Loss

This is the foremost symptom to be aware of when you are affected with an autoimmune disease. The immune system works to their full potential only when they get sufficient nutrients from the food we eat. An autoimmune disease changes this pattern and as a result, you may lose your appetite. In many cases, the nutrients may not be shared with the necessary organs causing you to lose weight critically. Never underestimate such weight losses and get a medical opinion quickly.

Unexplainable Weight Loss

2. Joint Pain

The entire weight of the body is supported by a robust bone functionality and the immune system plays a major role in it. Naturally, a poor immune system will affect your bones and more importantly your joints. This can cause a numb pain throughout the joints and these may be especially felt in your legs and hips. In the long run, they can even hamper your movement. Do check if your joint pains are due to arthritis. If it is negative then have a diagnosis of your immune system to be safe.

Joint Pain

3. Skin Allergies

Our skins are usually sensitive in nature and it stays that way due to the tough performance of your immune system. Lack of such performance can lead to skin allergies and can result in skin irritation. The spots can turn out itchy and inflammation can set in these regions. Even a simple trigger like stepping out in the sun can set a chain of events if you have a poor immune system. The worst part is that these inflammations do not get controlled by over the counter medications. Check out with your doctor if you notice these signs for a longer duration.

Skin Allergies

4. Hair Loss

A healthy immune system is also directly linked with the robust growth of your hair. An unhealthy immune system does not give the needed nutrients to the hair follicles and can result in cases of baldness and diseases like alopecia areata. They can also result in dull looking hairs and in some instances can turn out your scalp dry and itchy. Take note of these symptoms and get a consultation with a trichologist if the problem persists.

Hair Loss

5. Mental Confusion

In a way your immune system keeps you alert on many occasions. Your immunity levels can make you feel energetic and lively. An autoimmune disease can affect the sensory preceptors of your brain and this can make you feel less brisk and inactive. Also, in many instances, they may make your memory foggy and you might have trouble remembering places and routes. These are generalized dullness that can occur in your brain and in many instances do happen on a short term basis. However, do not overlook these signs as they could indicate a much more serious ailment in the future.

Mental Confusion

6. Blood Clots

This one of the serious type of symptom that occurs and you have to get a medical attention immediately when you notice the same. Blood clots are your body’s fundamental defense mechanism in terms of an injury or a cut. However, sometimes a poor immune system can attack the blood vessels and can make them clot in their way. This puts additional pressure on your heart and your arteries to pump the blood. This type mostly occurs as an aftermath of a surgery where your immune system may treat the transplant as a foreign particle and attack it. Pay close attention to such symptoms.

Blood Clots