6 Amazing Ways To Use Lavender Oil For Managing Various Skin Issues

Ways To Use Lavender Oil For Managing Various Skin Issues

Lavender oil does not require introduction. Almost every one of us is aware of the fact that this oil plays a pivotal role in beautifying your skin. Women love the pleasant fragrance of the lavender oil. This oil has the capability of making your skin firm. Lavender oil keeps the skin cells healthy and strong. Because of all these qualities, this oil is also used in making various soaps, perfumes, and skin lotions etc. Skin healing properties of lavender oil work wonder in making your skin flawless and attractive. This article talks about the amazing ways of using lavender oil for getting rid of various skin issues. By reducing the skin related issues, this oil works miracles in making your skin marvelous and beautiful. Keep reading this article for getting to know about the skin friendly uses of lavender oil.

1. Use it Against Chapped Skin:

Moisturizing properties of lavender oil are really very effective in reducing the problem of chapped skin. You can easily get rid of chapped and dry skin with the help of lavender oil. Use this oil before taking bath in order to manage the problem of chapped and dry skin. Alternatively, you can add few drops of the lavender oil to your bath water. Then, soak in that water for few minutes. This process is highly effective in alleviating the dryness complication. By reducing the dryness, lavender oil makes your skin hydrated and moisturized (1).

Use it Against Chapped Skin

2. Use it Against Acne:

Acne is the one of the most prevalent problems facing by almost everyone. Skin with acne looks very unsightly. Lavender oil is very effective in reducing the trouble of acne as well. Add five drops of lavender oil to five drops of rosemary oil, one tablespoon honey, and half cup of yogurt. Combine all these ingredients together and apply on the acne affected areas. After ten minutes, cleanse your skin with water (2).

Use it Against Acne

3. Use it Against Dermatitis Or Eczema:

Lavender oil comes to the rescue for those people with dermatitis and eczema. This essential oil works great in reducing the symptoms of dermatitis and eczema. Blend equal amounts of lavender oil and coconut oil or sesame oil. Apply the mixture on the affected areas. Provide a gentle massage with the resultant mixture on the affected areas. Continue this process for several days for few weeks or until you notice the desired results (3).

Use it Against Dermatitis Or Eczema

4. Use It Against Minor Cuts:

Minor cuts can lead to broken and bleeding skin. These issues can be kept at bay with the help of this amazing medicinal oil. This oil is highly effective in killing the germs. This oil works great in cleansing the affected area. Prefer applying lavender oil on the affected skin (4).

Use It Against Minor Cuts

5. Use It Against Ringworm, Athlete’s Foot And Fungal Infection:
Constant sweating can result in Athlete’s foot, fungal infection and ringworm. All these skin issues can be easily handled by the lavender oil. Prefer applying the lavender oil on the affected areas for some days regularly. Besides giving you relaxation from all these problems, the lavender oil works wonders in eliminating the foul smell of the feet. Thus, it leaves the soothing experience. By doing so, lavender oil refreshes your skin (5).

Use It Against Ringworm, Athlete’s Foot And Fungal Infection

6. Use It Against Minor Burns:

Lavender oil is highly beneficial in providing you respite from minor burns as well. Accidental minor burns which are caused due to the contact with the hot water or others can be reduced with the lavender oil. All you have to do is to slather the few drops of lavender oil on the minor burns. This oil is very effective in reducing the burning sensation, pain and redness rapidly (6).

Use It Against Minor Burns