5 Best Ways To Use Rice Water For Flawless Skin


Rice Water For Flawless Skin

Rice is often considered as one of the most staple foods of the world. People, especially in the Asian countries take them as a part of their regular diet due to its easy availability. Not to forget that rice is also a powerhouse of vitamins and amino acids that are beneficial to your health. They can be safely had by any age group and in some customs, it is considered as holy and is closely associated with festivals. It is not only the rice, but the rice water too can be used effectively for benefitting your skin and hair. In many ways, rice water can be considered as the first and the foremost type of skin care product the world had started using – right from the medieval times. It is no secret that science has vouched for it now and rice water treatments are common across spas and have found a staunch support from the masses. Okay, but this doesn’t mean that you have to jog to the nearest spa or a cosmetologist for getting the benefits of the rice water therapy. We have identified some best ways to use rice water that you can make at your home and get the best benefits for your skin. First to make the rice water, boil a cup of organic rice with three cups of water. Once the rice is cooked, strain the water to a bowl and allow it to cool. There- your very own homemade rice water is ready. Now let us look at how best to use them.

5 Best Ways to Use Rice Water For Flawless Skin:

1. Use It For Tightening The Skin

Open Pores and especially large pores are the fundamental reason for having acnes and pimples. Dirt and the dust that gets accumulated in these pores can also lead to blackheads.  It is very common to people with oily skin. Rice water can be mighty effective against these symptoms and can be beneficial in toning and tightening your skin. It also restores the pH balance of your skin and shrinks large pores.

To use it, mix an equal portion of rice water to the equal amount of water. Take a soft cloth or a cotton ball and soak it in this water and apply it on your face. Let it rest for about 20 minutes and rinse it off. For cordial results use them during night time after you cleanse your face.

Use It For Tightening The Skin

2. Use It As A Moisturizer

Not many people are aware that rice water can be used as an excellent moisturizing agent and can be very beneficial in preventing the loss of water content in your skin. That’s right- Rice water has loads of antioxidant agents that can reduce the aging process of the skin as well. It also acts as an effective sunscreen agent and protects your skin tissues from the harmful effects of UV rays.

To make use of it, mix a glass of rice water to two cups of plain water. Soak a soft cloth or tissue in it and leave it on your face and skin for about 20 minutes. Rinse your face later with plain water. For an even better result before rinsing your face, gently wash your face with the balance of the rice water for a blemish free smooth skin

Use It As A Moisturizer

3. Use It For Skin Complexion

Health of the skin plays a key role in how your skin looks to the outside world. Rice water can be very beneficial in strengthening your skin, thereby increasing its complexion. It also revitalizes your skin and removes toxins from the tissues- thus reducing the inflammation.

To use it, soak a piece of soft cloth or tissue in raw rice water and apply it on your face. After allowing it to rest, take off the tissue and gently massage your skin with the remaining rice water. Wash off with cold water and for great results, use this procedure at least once daily before you have a shower.

Use It For Skin Complexion

4. Use It Against Skin Irritation

Skin irritation is one of the common problems which people face, especially in the tropical countries. The starch present in the rice water can soothe your skin and can be very beneficial in curbing the inflammation caused by dry skin lesions.

To use it add a few cups of rice water in its strongest form to lukewarm bath water. Immerse your body in this water for about 15 minutes daily. Then take a regular shower. For localized infections, you can even soak a soft cloth or tissue in the rice water and rub it very gently on the places where the irritation occurs.

Use It Against Skin Irritation

5. Use it Against Dry Hands

As the same with skin irritation, rice water can be effectively used to keep the skin on your hands supple and tender at all times. The waxy nature of the starch can act as a protection against external elements and can help a great deal in retaining the moisturizer.

Use it Against Dry Hands

To use it apply it in its raw format to your hands and feet. Mix a cup of rice water to a bowl of warm water and immerse your hands in them for some time. You can even add a few drops of essential oil to this solution if you are interested. Wash off well later and you can use this procedure regularly for great outcomes.