5 Useful Complexion Lotions For Healthy Skin

5 Useful Complexion Lotions For Healthy Skin

Complexion issues have become a major concern for most ladies. To protect our skin tone, we tend to buy complexion or sunscreen lotions at stores. However, these products are filled with chemicals and toxic ingredients which can disrupt the endocrine system and production of free radicals in the body. This can eventually lead to cancerous growth in our skin. Certain studies and reports have proved that the usage of sunscreen products from beauty stores can raise the risks of skin cancer.

Using natural ingredients are always the better solution. Prepare complexion lotions at home. It is easy and hassle-free to prepare them. Plus, they are safe and free from side effects. These natural lotions can protect your skin from harmful UV rays by creating a barrier between your skin and sun rays. Furthermore, it can develop your skin color as well.

Here Is A List Of Homemade Complexion Lotions That You Can Try At Home:

1. Lavender Complexion Lotion:

Take a teaspoon of borax powder and mix it with one cup of rose water [1]. Then add 2 tablespoon of olive oil to it. Stir for some time and wait till it has become cool. Then add half a cup of lavender extract. Mix well and keep under refrigeration. This lotion can be used for 2 months. Lavender can give a natural glow and brightness to the skin. Apply this lotion every time before going out into the sun to prevent skin darkening.

Lavender Complexion Lotion

2. Sesame Sunscreen Cream:

Obtain 40 ml of sesame oil, 10 ml of olive oil and 10 ml of almond oil [2]. Mix the oils well and apply it on your face and neck. This is one of the ideal creams made from natural oils that can protect your skin from sun rays. This can be used on a daily basis. Combination of these three oils can give you a healthy and well-toned skin.

Sesame Sunscreen Cream

3. Witch Hazel Complexion Lotion:

Take 15 grams of borax powder and dissolve it in 500 ml of distilled water placed in a low flame [3]. Allow the solution to cool and mix it with one cup of alcohol and half cup of witch hazel extract. The cream is now ready to be used. Mix them well and store it in an airtight container. Keep it under refrigeration so that it can be used for a prolonged time. Witch hazel contains elements which can protect the skin cells from growing dim.

Witch Hazel Astringent Lotion

4. Almond Complexion Cream:

Have a tablespoon of almond oil and mix it with a teaspoon of liquid paraffin [4]. Heat the mixture and then add a teaspoon of carrot juice or cucumber juice to it. Mix them well and then further add 2 teaspoon of glycerin and 1 teaspoon of cornflower extract. Shake the fusion and then store it in a glass jar.

Apply and massage the lotion in a gently motion on your face and neck. Wash off after 30 min with cold water followed by lukewarm water. You can see an instant difference in your skin tone and texture. It can make the skin look fairer and silkier.

Almond Complexion Cream

5. Lime Sunscreen Lotion:

Take 25 grams of lime flowers and put them in 250 ml of boiling water for an hour [5]. Strain the mixture and allow the liquid to cool. Then add a quarter teaspoon of sodium benzoate to it. For much better results, add equal parts of rose water to this combination. Mix well and apply on face and neck before exposing your skin to the sunlight. It is recommended to refrigerate this lotion and use a cotton bud for application.

Lime Sunscreen Lotion