10 Natural Summer Remedies For Your Hair


10 Natural Summer Remedies For Your Hair

Summers are here and so it the heat and extreme temperatures. Ever wondered how these extreme temperatures can affect your hair? The high temperature areas generally make the skin dry, itchy and rough. This also happened with the scalp and results into brittle, frizzy and rough hair. In such conditions, you require extra care and nourishment for your hair and feed them constantly. Just like the body, your hair too would demand care and nourishment. Thus, you can try some cool natural ingredients which can quench the thirst of your scalp and make you hair look gorgeous and nourished.

If You Are Looking For The Home Remedies And Ingredients Which Can Nurture Your Hair In The Hot And Humid Temperatures, Here Are Some To Follow:

1. Egg Yolk And Honey Mask

Eggs are amazing for the hair and filled with uncountable minerals which can make your hair super conditioned and nourished. If you are having hair issues like dry, rough and frizzy hair due to summers, you can try this soothing mask for quick results. Mix some egg yolk and honey and apply this flawless mask on your hair. This would nourish you hair, feed it with calcium, protein and essential minerals!

Egg yolk and honey Mask

2. Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile tea is a refreshing element which would never fail to make your hair beautiful and hydrated. This tea is filled with rich anti oxidants and minerals which can nourish you hair and make them look shiny, thick and adorable instantly. Go for a cool chamomile tea rinse and you would get visible difference in your hair texture!

Chamomile Tea

3. Yogurt Mask:

Yogurt is widely used for hair enriching and smoothening. If your hair feels dry and itchy, you can go for the smoothening and hair enriching mask prepare from yogurt. Get some pain yogurt and apply it on your scalp. It would not only keep your scalp hydrated but would also make your hair look shiny, thick and gorgeous. Try this amazing mask once a week and your hair would get beautiful in just a few applications.

Yogurt Mask

4. Lemon Juice And Olive Oil Mask:

If you are looking for a deep conditioning mask which can repair your hair and make them look worth a billion bucks. Olives are the best ingredients to use. Olives are filled with fatty acids which can nourish your hair and volumize them. Also they can strengthen your hair form the roots and with lemon juice, scalp issues like acne, dandruff and greasy skin would get eliminated. Cleanse your scalp with this cool mixture and get awesome hair.

Lemon juice and olive oil Mask

5. Rose Water Mask:

Rose water is a superb conditioning ingredient which can simply work miracles in your hair. If you want a calming and nourishing ingredient which can sooth your scalp and fight heat and temperature, you can try the cooling rose water mask. Get some rose water and apply it on your scalp. Using this water would sooth your senses and make you hair grow amazingly.

Rose water Mask

6. Coconut Milk:

What can be more nourishing than coconut milk for the hair? In summers due to high temperature and heat flames, your hair becomes dry, undernourished and rough. You need some super cooling ingredients like coconut milk which can keep your hair soft smooth and hydrated. Thus apply coconut milk and make your hair look flattering!

Coconut Milk

7. Neem Hair Mask:

Neem is such a soothing and hair enriching herb which would get you numerous benefits. Neem leaves can fight odor, acne. Dandruff and such various scalp issues while leaving you with flawless hair. Apply neem juice or leaves on your hair for dazzling glow and gorgeous length

Neem Oil And Paste

8. Aloe Vera Hair Mask:

Aloe Vera gel is filled with anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties which would calm your hair and fight the scalp issues. Also this amazing gel would sooth your scalp and promotes hair growth. Filled with natural benefits, you can apply aloe Vera gel on your hair and make them smooth, thick and gorgeous.

Aloe Vera Hair Mask

9. Almond Oil For Moisture:

If you hair are extremely damaged, dry or under conditioned, you must use almond oil for extreme nourishment and minerals. This oil is filled with nutrients which are required for promoting hair growth and to bring a lavish shine in your hair. Thus go for an almond oil massage on your hair and scalp for those mesmerizing tresses always!

Almond Oil for Moisture

10. Onion Juice Mask:

Since long, onion juice is used in promoting hair growth and to add length to the hair. In summers, this amazing anti inflammatory ingredient would help in fighting the scalp issues and would also make your hair look strong and long. Try applying onion juice on your hair and get cool results.

Onion Juice