5 Benefits Of Homemade Herbal Remedies Vs Pharmaceutical Drugs



In the contemporary times, we all know that chemical medications for therapeutic cures have become more and more available in the market. Infact, the pharmaceutical business is regarded as one of the most booming industries in the world, with a high growth capability year on year. Against this, we have also overheard about the homemade medications, and as suggested by the elders in the family for a variety of common ailments. If we try to compare these home-grown herbal remedies against the profitmaking pharmacological drugs, it is interesting to see that the former can have various advantages

We Have Listed The Top 5 Benefits Below

Homemade Herbal Remedies Are Rooted In Deep Ancient Science

The household cures are not just old wives’ tricks. These have origins in primeval medicine, also known as Ayurveda. Infact, the Ayurveda is the oldest form of medicine known to mankind, and in modern times has gained new prominence with greater than before research in this space. Infact, the formulations are only recent in nature, and are still in their very primary stages of development when compared with the herbal cures. Preparation of the herbal medicines is a discipline.


Carry Little To No Side Effects

The commercial therapeutics have exposed mankind to a plethora of possible side effects, including local and systemic effects. When we compare them to herbal formulations, the latter have been proven as safer, and better tolerated amongst all age groups of patients – extending from very young to very old.

no side effect

No Resistance Has Been Reported

The artificial drug preparations, especially antibiotics, have met with resistance, with the disease causing agents becoming smarter and developing ways and tricks that they stop acting effective anymore. No such problems have been reported with herbal homemade remedies. For example, ginger juice is used very widely for throat infections and throat irritations. Even in individuals who use this daily, reports that the bacteria no longer prone to its effects, have not been reported at all.

 Ginger Juice

Cost Effective And Can Be Prepared At Home

It is unquestionably easier to prepare green basil tea at home for a nasty cold, over preparing a combination of drugs which can be really done only in a factory setup. Besides, these preparations also help in the saving the costs.


Can Be Administered Safely For Longer Periods Of Times

Because of the low to nil incidence of side effects, and no reports of resistance, these herbal formulations can be safely administered for longer periods of times. For example, we may not be able to give long term laxatives to those who suffer from chronic constipation as they are bundled with serious side effects, however Psyllium husk when taken in the right quantities, can be administered daily for even months without any real side effects.


Thus, to summarize the world of herbal homemade remedies still remains comparatively unexplored in the recent times. These medicines definitely offer a more cost effective, safe and effective alternatives to the chemical preparations for most of the common ailments.