5 Effective Ways Of Using Cloves For Easing Tooth Ache


tooth ache

Tooth ache is very annoying and irritating. You might feel dreadful pain and this pain interferes with everyday activities. If you are affected by toothaches in the nights, your pain can’t be described as you find the clinic of the dentists closed. You have to bear the pain all the night. It is very pathetic condition. In this kind of situation, home remedies help you to get relieved from this problem.

Cloves For Easing Tooth Ache

Cloves come to your rescue in saving you from dreadful tooth aches. Cloves contain eugenol which is known for its antiseptic and anesthetic properties. These properties work as a pain killer and have the ability to kill the germs causing pain. Cloves can be taken in different forms to ease the pain.

Here We Are Sharing With You The Ways Of Using Clove In Order To Get Instant Relief From Tooth Ache

Cloves are available in three forms such as clove oil, ground cloves and whole cloves. All these three forms are effective in reducing your tooth ache.

Grounded Cloves Remedy

This form of cloves is most commonly available in everyone’s kitchen. To use ground form of cloves for getting rid of tooth ache, take a cup of warm water. Add pinch of salt to it. Rinse off your mouth with this water. Wash your hands. Take a bit of grounded cloves. Apply this in between of your sore gum and cheek. Wait for few minutes. Grounded cloves works wonders in eliminating the pain. You will see the results instantly.


Whole Cloves Remedy

Take a glass of warm water. Add a bit of salt to it. Mix it well. Rinse your mouth with this water. Later, take two or three cloves and put them in the sore area for some time. Let the cloves be softened. Chew them slowly. You will be relieved from the pain very fast.


Clove Oil Compress

This is another way of using cloves in order to ease your toothache. Take few cotton balls. Take few drops of clove oil. Also, take half teaspoon olive oil. Take warm salt water and clean your mouth with this water. Mix clove oil with olive oil. Put a cotton ball in to this mixture. Compress this cotton ball on your sore gum or tooth. This procedure gives you relief from the problem within five minutes.

clove oil

Cayenne Pepper And Cloves

When you combine cayenne pepper with cloves, it works wonders in healing the tooth ache. Grind few cloves. Mix this powder with cayenne pepper. Add water to make it a fine paste. Dip a cotton ball in to this paste and apply it on your sore tooth. At first, you may feel burning sensation, but it will be eased after few minutes.


Clove Chewing Gum

Cloves can be combined with chewing gum to get rid of tooth ache. Take a sugar free chewing gum. Chew it for some time. Now add quarter teaspoon of clove powder to it and continue chewing nearby the affected area. This remedy helps you to get relieved from the tooth ache in few minutes.

chewing gum

All these are various ways of using cloves for getting relief from tooth ache. Although, cloves are highly effective in relieving you from sore tooth, you must not continue the usage of cloves continuously. It may cause damages to nerves. Too much consumption of cloves may put you in problem. You may suffer from nausea and bleeding.