4 Home Remedies For Enlarged Heart


Enlarged Heart

If you have an enlarged heart, it is a symptom of some other disease. The enlarged heart is detected through a chest x ray. Some conditions that can cause enlarged heart are stress, pregnancy, high blood pressure, weak heart muscles, heart attack and heart valve problems.

Sometimes, the heart becomes enlarged due to pulmonary hypertension, anemia, thyroid disorders and coronary artery disease. You can have enlarged heart due to excessive Iron and abnormal heart rhythms. People who have enlarged heart can have shortness of breath, swelling and chest pain.

There can be dizziness, cough and arrhythmia. People who have enlarged heart should quit smoking and alcohol. You should control weight, diabetes and blood pressure. Sleep for at least eight hours. Use home remedies for getting relief from the symptoms of enlarged heart. The following home remedies for enlarged heart will give you relief.

Home Remedies For Enlarged Heart


If you want to prevent and cure enlarged heart, you should eat turmeric. Turmeric contains an ingredient called curcumin, which helps in preventing heart failure and cardiac hypertrophy. Curcumin has antioxidant properties and helps in curing inflammation. Turmeric contains polyphenol, which can help in preventing and curing enlarged heart. Research has shown that turmeric can stop the growth of the heart and reduce it to a normal size. Curcumin prevents scar formation in the heart, which can help in avoiding heart failure.

Turmeric decreases extra protein production by stopping the genes related to it. The heart tissue does not die due to this. Curcumin decreases cholesterol levels and triglycerides, while increasing the good HDL cholesterol. Turmeric also decreases the level of homocysteine, which helps in preventing heart disease.

Take A Healthy Diet

You should take a healthy diet. Eat foods that contain less amount of salt. Limit the amount of foods that contain Iron and cholesterol. Reduce the amount of calories you take in the food. Drink water and other liquids in sufficient amounts. Avoid eating heavy meals and go for smaller meals.



Asparagus contains many essential nutrients, which are very beneficial for patients who have enlarged heart. Asparagus contains protein, vitamins, calcium, potassium, niacin, folic acid, magnesium, riboflavin, phosphorus, amino acids and fiber.You should mix asparagus juice and honey in a ratio of two parts to one part. Take one teaspoon of this mixture three times daily. Asparagus makes the heart strong. You can eat asparagus as a vegetable after steam cooking it. You should not use iron pots for cooking asparagus.


Do Exercises

Patients who have enlarged heart should do exercises after consulting a doctor. Do moderate exercises, which can help in decreasing the body weight. You can do aerobic exercises. You should do exercises only under the supervision of a doctor and cardiologist.

You should not do sudden exercises. You should start with mild exercises and then increase the endurance level slowly. You can do walking, cycling and rowing after the doctor approves that it is safe to do these exercises. Sometimes, the exercise can cause exertion, which can worsen the symptoms of enlarged heart.If you have chest pain and other symptoms after doing exercises, you should consult a doctor. You should not take part in fast sports. Moderate exercise reduces the heart mass along with the heart wall thickness. It also improves the heart functioning.

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