17 Health Benefits Of Beetroot Leaves

17 Health Benefits Of Beetroot Leaves

Beetroot belong to the family of Goosefoot, called as Chinopodiaceae, they are found typically in the Mediterranean climate. The nomenclature of this species is Beta Vulgaris. The beet greens can provide you with amazing health benefits.

Here Are Some Amazing Health Benefits Of Beetroot Leaves:

Anti-cancer Effect

The beetroot leaves contain a substance known as betacyanin that is known to have properties that prevents the growth of cancerous tumors. It also detoxifies the body by removing toxins. It can reverse the proliferation of some types of cancer like leukaemia, skin cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and testicular cancer.

Cancer Prevention

High Anti-oxidative Content

Beetroot has a pigment, betalain, which has anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. This pigment helps in reducing and preventing cell damage by removing the free radicals and thus, prevents skin ageing as well.

Delays Ageing

Helps In Digestion

Beetroot juice helps you in improving your body’s metabolism and also fat digestion. It cleans the intestine and improves peristalsis. It is also known to stimulate the nerves supplying the intestine and the high fiber content of beetroot allows easy bowel movements.

Improves Digestion

For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women should consume beetroot juice on a regular basis as it contains folic acid, which can prevent birth defects in children and provides a good skin tone to the child.


Good For Healthy Eyes

Beetroot is a good source of carotenes namely zeaxanthin and lutein, which are important for healthy eyes and retina. For this purpose, the juice should be consumed raw, as the carotenes degrade on cooking.

Improves Eyesight

Increases Stamina

Regular consumption of the juice of beetroot leaves can help improve stamina and it also reduces the negative effects after a workout session like lethargy and tiredness.

Increases Stamina

Reduces Chances Of Developing Dementia

Regular consumption of beetroot leaves is shown to increase the blood supply to brain, thereby reducing the negative age-related effects like dementia.


For Anaemic Patients

Beetroot and its leaves contain huge amounts of Iron and should be consumed by anaemic patients. More iron will result in increased number of RBCs and increased haemoglobin content, which facilitates better circulation of iron.

Improves Blood Circulation

Fortifies Liver

Beetroot has a function of improving the functioning of liver cells. Also, the high fiber content of beetroot stimulates the production of detoxifying enzymes from liver. It also helps in fat metabolism, which can counteract the formation of fatty liver, which is a disease due to chronic alcohol abuse.

Liver Detoxification

Boosts Immunity

Beetroot juice is known to increase the capability of the body to combat infections including the recurrent ones. It also helps to revert the age related degenerative changes.

Improves Immunity

Cure For Acne And Pimples

Drinking juice of beetroot leaves can help you get rid of inflammatory conditions of the skin, including acne and pimples.

Combats Acne

Radiant Complexion

Juice of beetroot leaves purifies the blood and improves the circulation as well. Consumption of this juice daily will impart a healthy glow to your face naturally. You can also apply it topically for a refreshed and glowing skin.

Keeps Your Skin Healthy

Anti-wrinkling Effect

Due to its high anti-oxidant composition, it prevents early wrinkling of skin. The anti-oxidants act against the free radicals that harm the cells by inducing oxidative changes in them. It also contains lycopene, which maintains the elasticity and protects the skin from harmful rays of the sun.

wrinkles on the skin

Promotes Hair Growth

Beetroot leaves contain all the nutrients which are required for promoting hair growth. It is a rich source of carbohydrate, phosphorus, vitamins B and C and proteins.

Hair Growth

Anti-Pruritic Action

Beetroot leaves juice is an anti-inflammatory as well as anti-pruritic, which means that it prevents itchiness. Regular use can help you get rid of dry and itchy scalp. It can be also used with vinegar to wipe off the dandruff.

Removal Of Blemishes And Spots

It can also be applied topically on the skin. With regular use, one can witness significant reduction in the appearance of blemishes and scars.

Helps to get rid of blemishes and dark patches

Healthy And Glossy Hair

Beetroot leaves contain carotenoids also, which assists blood circulation and nourishes hair follicle. This results in nourished and healthy hair.

Bounce To Hair