16 Amazing Health Benefits Of Jujube


16 Amazing Health Benefits of Jujube

Jujube is small, red textured and oval shaped fruit. The fruit is prominently known as red dates, Chinese dates or Indian dates. Jujube is also widely known as ziziphus. The taste of this fruit is like apple. Jujube are originated from China and now cultivated throughout the world. The Chinese discovered this astounding jujube fruit as herbal medicine from 4000 years ago, which have multifarious health benefits.

Jujube comprises ample amount of nutrients including magnesium, copper, niacin, calcium, potassium, manganese, and phosphorus and iron. These dates are high in nutritional value and with healthfulness of vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants.

There Are Several Unbelievable Health Advantages Of This Amazing Jujube Fruit:

Treats Insomnia

According to Nutraceuticals Research, jujube includes substances which have tranquilizers effect. Jujube tea is usually consumed as great remedy to improve sleep. It is ancient herbal Chinese medicine to cure insomnia.

Treats Insomnia

Treats Anxiety

Medical advisers often recommend eating jujube to cure anxiety. Jujube carries compounds with sedative effect which acts as healing agent to treat anxiety.

Treats Anxiety

Improves Immunity

Jujubes have abundant of anti-oxidants. These anti oxidants protects from harmful free radicals which causes diseases and aging. Jujube comprises of vitamin C, flavonoids and phenois helps in protecting cells against these free radicals and helps in improving all round health.

Improves Immunity

Controls Weight

Jujube has ample amount of vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants and very low in calorie. Those who want to lose some weight or just want to maintain, jujube is great option to control weight. The fruit tastes like apple. Eating other fruits could be boring. Thus, jujube makes a great diet fruit with lots of flavour.

Weight Management

Purifies Blood

Jujube when dried consists of alkaloids, saponin and triterpenoids. These three beneficial substances help in cleaning the blood of the body and aid to digest the food easily.

Purifies Blood

Healing Wounds

Jujube acts as a great healing agent. This amazing fruit is loaded with important amino acids. It helps in the formation of protein in the body for more than 50,000. Thus, jujube quickly recovers the wounds of body.

Cuts and Wounds

Treats Cancer

Jujube tea cures cancer. Tea carries saponins, plant glucosides which react with cancer cell membrane causes cancer cell death. Tea made out of jujube acts as an anti-carcinogenic. Thus, this can be used as supplements to cure cancer.

Prevents Cancer

Maintains Emotional And Hormonal Balance

Jujube is well known ancient Chinese medicine and they believes it helps in balancing the negative and positive energies of the body. Tea made from jujube helps in removing the stress and controls restlessness.

Maintains Emotional And Hormonal Balance

Cures Common, Cold Cough And Flu

From ancient time’s jujube are used to cure common cough and cold. It has plentiful of vitamin C, A and potassium which is responsible to improve immune system of body. It soothes achy throat muscles and relieves cough when jujube tea is mixed with ginger, mint and licorice.

Improves Cough

Strengthen Bones

This amazing fruit also contains calcium, phosphorus and iron which improve in strengthening of bones. The fruit is good source of nourishment of bones.

Strengthen Bones

Protects The Liver

Jujube fruit fights against liver injury, by acting as antioxidants. Antioxidants remove free radicals which damages liver. Jujube carry chemical compounds that help fight with oxidative damage.

Liver Protection

Muscle Building

Jujube tea helps in restoring damaged cells and tissues. This is the main reason it helps in building muscles.

Muscle Building

Energy Booster

Jujube is surprisingly serves as energy booster. By consuming jujube tea helps to boost up stamina of the person.

Heightens Your Energy Level

Skin Aging

Jujube is widely used to cure skin problems, reduces wrinkles, drying and relieves from sunburn. Jujube keeps the skin younger looking for years.

Prevents Aging


Jujube is acts as detoxifying agent, removes various toxins. It cleans body system effectively.

Helps In Detoxification

Treats Stomach

Another main treatment is that is heals various stomach problems as improves digestion and cures constipation. Jujube is a boon to our healthy body.

Improves Digestion