15 Top Benefits Of Mullein For Skin, Hair, And Health


15 Top Benefits Of Mullein For Skin, Hair, And Health

Verbascum Thapsus, commonly known as Mullein or the Velvet Plant is used worldwide for skin, hair and overall health. The herb is loaded with so much wellness that once you start using it, there is no going back. In this list, we will discuss about the various benefits of mullein for our skin, hair and health.

Benefits Of Mullein For Skin, Hair And Health

Skin Related Disorders

Ever wondered the natural cure for dry skin and not having to buy those expensive creams, well here is your solution. Oil extracted from mullein can do wonders for your skin. It protects skin by making an invisible protective layer on skin, thus relieving it from eczema and other disorders. Mullein oil works wonders for treating acne, blackheads and redness of the skin.

curing acne

Can Heal Wounds

Mullein acts as an antiseptic and could be used to treat minor cuts and wounds. All you need to do is to make a paste of the mullein flower and apply to the selected areas. One precaution should be taken is that it is one of the home remedies and can never be substituted for a doctors prescription.

Cuts and Wounds

Protect Your Skin From Dryness

Winter is often known as the natural enemy for skin. Most people complain of dry skin problems in winter, well use mullein. Grind the mullein leaves and make it a paste, then let it hydrate your skin deeply; and the dry skin problem is as good as gone. The leaves act as a natural moisturizer.

Dry Skin

Fights Against Dandruff

Dandruffs are a real menace as they do not go easily, the reason being they make their roots below the scalp where no shampoo could reach. Mullein works wonder in solving dandruff problems just apply mullein extract and wash your hair thoroughly with water. It will also reduce the scalp irritation due to dandruff.


Hair Conditioner

Many people complain of having rough and coarse hair, some complain about split ends. It is advised to use mullein extract on your hair.not only it acts as a conditioner but also it is rich in nutrients that are necessary for hair growth and development.

rough and coarse hair

Respiratory Disorders

Mullein possesses excellent expectorant properties and so could be used to solve respiratory disorders. It helps loosen the cough deposited in the lungs or throat and in respiratory tracts. Not only it helps remove cough, but also gives a soothing sensation of relief after its application. Few people also inhale the smoke from mullein leaves as it clears congestion and relieves from cough.

Cures Respiratory Disorders

Resistance Against Flu

Mullein can help build resistance against flu viruses and help you in preventing them. The chemical present in mullein oil is very useful against influenza and herpes fever.

Resistance Against Flu

Powerhouse Of Minerals

Mullein is power packed with loads of minerals. It consists many vitamins, such as vitamins D, B2 and B12. Owing to so many health benefits it helps in maintaining a good health and general well being if taken regularly.

Powerhouse Of Minerals

Help In Weight Loss

Though not as effective as Green Teas but never underestimate these wonders. The huge amount of vitamin B present in mullein can help you control your hunger and facilitate your weight loss process.The process is simple make a cup of mullein tea and drink it, make sure you do not over boil the leaves as it will destroy all the nutrients and tea will have no positive effects to show.

Weight loss

Alleviates Pain

Yes, mullein posses analgesic properties too. It reduces the intensity of pain and thus helps you immensely if you are suffering from sinus or headache. The biggest advantage of using mullein oil is that it has no side effect.

Alleviates Pain

Cures Ear Related Problems

Ever had an ear ache due to swelling or infection, no worries, use mullein oil as it reduces pain , swelling and kills all the fungus and bacterias causing the infection.

Ear Ache

Acts As A Diuretic

Mullein increases the frequency of urination and so can help you detoxify your body. It can also help you clear out any toxins, salt, etc. from the body.

Acts As A Diuretic

Acts As Nerve Tonic

Mullein acts a tonic because it helps to relax muscles, brain and other neuro-sensory nerves. It can also help fight cramps and nervous problems.

Cramps In Muscles

Help In Curing Insomnia

Mullein reduces the cortisol levels in the body and thus increasing the chance of the natural sleep process.

Treats Insomnia

Anti Inflammatory Properties

Yes, mullien fights against and reduces inflammation, especially in the respiratory tracts. Various extracts and tinctures made from mullein possess anti-inflammatory properties.