15 Benefits Of Drinking Anise Tea


15 Benefits Of Drinking Anise Tea

Because of its sweet taste and pleasant aroma, anise is widely used as a flavoring agent. However, anise seeds and leaves are also blessed with medicinal properties. In folk medicines around the world, they are used for treating various ailments. When used for medicinal purpose, anise is mainly consumed in the form of tea. Anise tea can help in providing relief from the following health disorders.

List Of 15 Superb Benefits Of Drinking Anise Tea

1. Expels Intestinal Gas

Anise seed tea is a time tested remedy for flatulence. The antispasmodic activity of the active constituents of anise seed assists in relaxation of the smooth muscles of the intestine, which helps in eliminating gas from the intestine [1].


2. Heals Gastric Ulcer

Overgrowth of H. pylori bacteria is a leading cause of gastric ulcer. According to an experimental study reported in the journal Phytotherapy Research, anise seeds help in suppressing growth of the H-bacteria. Hence, regular intake of anise seed tea can help in providing relief from gastric ulcer [2].

Prevents Ulcers

3. Restores Appetite

Anise tea is a wonderful remedy for appetite loss. Bloating, flatulence and indigestion are common causes of loss of appetite. By treating the underlying causes of appetite loss, it helps in restoring healthy appetite [3].


4. Reduces Pain

You can take anise tea as an alternative to the over-the-counter pain relief drugs. Experimental studies have shown that the analgesic effect of anise is comparable to that of aspirin. However, unlike the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, it is not linked to gastric distress. Hence, anise tea is the ideal remedy for treating chronic pain [4].

Reduces Joint Pain

5. Relief From Dysmenorrhea

Anise contains compounds that mimic the human estrogen. Drinking anise tea helps in treating dysmenorrhea or menstrual pain and cramping. For better result, clinical trials suggest adding celery seeds and saffron to the anise seed tea recipe [5].


6. Stimulates Menstruation

Anise tea works wonders for the reproductive health of women. The estrogenic effect of the herbal tea helps in regularizing menstrual cycle. It benefits women suffering from irregular periods [6].


7. Fights Bad Breath

Drinking anise tea helps in providing relief from unpleasant mouth odor. While the pleasant aroma of anise helps in covering the bad odor, the antimicrobial compounds help in suppressing growth of the odor causing bacteria in the mouth [6].

Fights Bad Breath

8. Treats Scabies

Anise tea is also good for the skin. Topical application of anise tea helps in treating scabies. It helps in killing the adult mites and the eggs. Furthermore, rinsing with anise tea soothes the irritated skin and reduces the itching caused by the mite infestation [8].


9. Alleviates Psoriasis Symptoms

Anise tea is also beneficial for people suffering from psoriasis. You can apply anise tea directly to the affected area to reduce the symptoms. Drinking anise tea also helps in blocking the activities of the immune cells that trigger the inflammatory skin condition.


10. Improve Lactation

Anise tea is an excellent galactogogue for nursing mothers. By stimulating the mammary glands, it helps in increasing milk production. Devoid of side effects, anise seed tea is a safe drink for breastfeeding mothers [10].

Promotes Lactation

10. Promotes Sleep

The soothing and cooling property of anise tea helps in promoting sleep. If you have difficulty in falling asleep fast or sleeping through the night, drink a cup of anise tea before going to bed. The herbal tea helps in lowering stress, which helps in improving the quality of your sleep [10].

An Adequate Sleep

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11. Relief From Asthma

The anti-inflammatory effect of anise tea helps in reducing inflammation of the airways that causes asthma. Anise tea also acts as an expectorant. It helps in loosening and eliminating mucus from the airways, thereby providing relief from congestion in the lungs [11].


12. Increases Urine Flow

The diuretic effect of anise tea helps in increasing urine output. By eliminating the excess water from the body, it helps in preventing fluid retention. Furthermore, the mild diuretic effect of anise tea helps in detoxifying the kidneys and prevents accumulation of toxins in the body [12].


13. Eases Bowel Movement

Anise tea can also acts as a mild laxative. It works by improving colonic motility that helps in eliminating the fecal matter with ease. Free from side effects, anise tea is considered a safe laxative for treating constipation [13].

Eases Bowel Movement

14. Reduces Sugar Cravings

Anise tea is an effective home remedy for sugar cravings. To suppress your craving for sugar, drink a cup of anise tea. The sweet flavor of the herbal tea satisfies your craving. It is an excellent drink for diabetics and overweight people who are trying hard to control their cravings [14].