5 Tips To Remove Tan From Hands



Hands are one of the most exposed parts of the body. It remains exposed maximum time to the outer elements like sun, air, etc. especially in summer when we wear short sleeves or sleeveless garments. In winter, full sleeves attire and winter garments save our skin. Again when we cook in our kitchen, skin of our hands becomes tanned due to heat, emitted from the oven. Tan makes the skin of our hands uneven and ugly. Suppose you have a party the very next day. What you will do? Will you avoid party because of your tanned hands? No, there is no need of it. You can clean tan and bring back the charm of your hand just in one night. Do not afraid. I am not telling you to use those chemical bleaches available in the market to get rid of tan. There are hundreds of natural ways to remove tan from your hand that too in just one night. Go through the article and obtain the information.

List Of 5 Awesome Tips To Remove Tan From Hands In One Night

Pumice Stone And Milk

Take a pumice stone and some cold milk. Hydrate your hands with cold milk. Soak the pumice stone in the milk and rub it on your hands in a roundabout way. Whenever you feel dry,sprinkle cold milk on hands and again rub it in a roundabout way in a gentle manner for 15-20 minutes each hand. This rubbing helps to exfoliate the external tanned skin. In this process, fresh and soft skin comes out from the inner layer. Milk hydrates, nourishes and cleans your skin intensely. This exfoliation process removes tan from your hand and brings an instant glow in just one night.


Wheat Flour Lemon Juice And Coconut Oil

Wheat flour, lemon juice and coconut oil make an excellent pack for your hands to remove tan from your hands just on one night. In container take 2-3 tablespoons wheat flour, squeeze one lemon and add a tablespoon coconut oil. Mix everything to make a paste. Add water if you need it. Apply this paste on your hands in a thick layer. Leave it for an hour and then wash it with cold water. While washing just rub in a gentle manner. Lemon juice being acidic in nature helps to bleach your skin naturally.


Yogurt And Gram Flour

Take yogurt and gram flour. Yogurt is a natural bleach and clears tan very effectively and quickly. Mix gram flour and yogurt in a bowl to make a smooth paste. Apply a thick layer of this paste on your hands and leave it dry. Then wash your hands with water. It helps a lot to clean your skin tan within a night span.

Gram Flour And Yogurt

Orange Cucumber And Milk Powder

In a grinder put an orange along with its peel. Add 2-3 tablespoons milk powder and a cucumber in it. Grind and mix everything. Apply this pack on your hands and leave it for an hour so that it gets ample time to work on your skin. Orange helps to remove the tan. Cucumber tones the skin and milk hydrates the skin and repair the damages of the skin due to sunburn. This pack is quite effective to remove tan in just one night and give you a clear smooth and silky skin.


Fuller’s Earth Turmeric And Yogurt

Take fuller’s earth, turmeric and yogurt in equal ratio. Mix everything to a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your hands and leave it to get dry. Then wash it with plenty of plain water. You will soon have a tan free hand.


Follow these tips and make your hand ready removing tan just in one night.