15 Benefits Of Cowpeas For Skin, Hair, And Health

Benefits Of Cowpeas For Skin, Hair, And Health

Cowpea also known as black eye pea belongs to the legume family. Likewise other members of its family it has a lot to offer. They are oval in shape with a black color mark on it that is why they are known as black eye pea. Cow pea is available in different colors like red, white, black, and brown and so on. Being good in taste and rich in various minerals and nutrients they can be included in the regular diet. Cow pea can be taken in boiled form they can be added to the salad or prepare cowpea curry. They are a great way to have a good amount of fiber, iron, vitamins and nutrients.

Here Are 15 Benefits Of Cowpeas For Skin, Hair, And Health

Benefits Of Cowpeas For Skin

Keeps The Skin Healthy

Being a good a source of protein they are very good for skin repairs the dead skin. It keeps the skin healthy and shiny.

Keeps Your Skin Healthy


Cowpeas are rich in Vitamin A, C and antioxidants. All these are very good for the skin they fight the agents responsible for skin ageing, repair the dead skin cell. They rejuvenate the skin and keeps it clear, healthy and smooth.


Benefits Of Cowpeas For Hair

Cowpeas are good to include in daily diet if you are suffering from hair problems. Cowpeas have great benefits for hair as well, let us see some of the benefits cowpeas have for hair

Controls Hair Fall

Being rich in protein cowpeas can help you to control hair fall. Hair fall is a common issue faced by most people cowpeas can help you to overcome this problem.

Controls Hair Fall

Hair Growth

Cowpeas are rich in protein and protein is an important component for keeping the hair strong from its root. Consumption of cowpeas provides protein to the body and helps in keeping the hair strong and also promotes hair growth.

Hair growth

Keeps Hair Healthy And Shiny

Being rich in antioxidants, cowpeas maintains the health of our hair and keeps them shiny. These small beans are great to include in your daily diet for good hair.

Keeps Hair Healthy And Shiny

Benefits Of Cowpeas On Health

Treat  Cancer Cell

Every type of cowpeas available in different colors are a rich source of anti-oxidants. The anti-oxidants property have the power to cure the cancer cells in the body.


Controls The Bad Cholesterol Level

Being rich in soluble fiber and protein cowpeas lowers the bad cholesterol in the body. Phytosterols content in cowpeas helps the body to maintain the cholesterol in the blood stream. Consumption of cowpeas can keep your heart and health fit.


Weight Loss

Cowpeas are rich in dietary fiber which helps the body to flush out the toxins and unnecessary fat from the body. They are low in calories and control the cholesterol level of the body so they are a good stuff to have if you are looking for weight loss.

Weight Loss

Good For Diabetes

Apart from the benefits mentioned cowpeas also helps to control the sugar level for diabetic patients. The soluble fiber absorbs the extra amount of sugar present in the blood and it’s a perfect stuff to have in your diet if you are a sugar patient.

Treats Diabetes

Good For Stomach

Cowpeas are also known to have a good effect on the stomach. People suffering from stomach, pancreas and spleen problem can get relief on consumption of cowpeas on regular basis.


Protects The Body From Infection

As it is a rich source of anti-oxidants it helps the body to release the toxic contents. The regular consumption of cowpeas will keep you healthy and free from any infection.


Cardiovascular Treatment

Cow peas contain secondary metabolites flavonoids which helps the body to fight against various cardio vascular issues. Regular intake of cowpeas will make your body strong to fight against various heart disease.

Cardiovascular Treatment

Lignin Content Keeps Diseases Away

Ligninpresent in cowpeas, it keeps a number of deadly diseases like cancer, stroke, osteoporosis, etc. away.


Low Fat Content

Cowpea is low in fat, consuming it will not give you extra calories. If you are a fitness freak then this is something you should include in your daily diet. They also controls the unnecessary cholesterol which keeps your blood clean and keeps your heart healthy. The protein source will also help you to build muscles.

low fat content

Reduces Plasma Cholesterol

Cowpeas reduces the plasma cholesterol from the body. The have a low glycemic index which helps to maintain the cholesterol level from the blood. Extra cholesterol is always harmful for the body, cowpeas will help you to maintain the right level of cholesterol in the blood. Eat health stay health.

Plasma Cholesterol