3 Ways Nizoral Helps Prevent Hair Loss

Ways Nizoral Helps Prevent Hair Loss

Hair fall and resulting hair loss is one of the common hair problems plaguing lots of individuals worldwide. You may suffer from the hair loss due to scalp infection, inappropriate hair care techniques, hormonal changes, dandruff, improper diet, and pollution. Restricting the hair loss can be a complicated task. However, certain medications, such as Nizoral, or products containing effective medications can help treat the hair fall issue effectively. Read our blog to learn more about Nizoral and Nizoral shampoo.

What Is Nizoral Shampoo?

Nizoral shampoo, which contains 2% active ketoconazole, is popular as an effective antifungal medication which helps cure several fungal skin infections, such as seborrhea, scalp infections, and other infections. You can also find Nizorel in gel and cream form. You can find it easily as over-the-counter medication. Its shampoo is widely popular for its effectiveness to treat hair loss problems substantially. Let’s have a look at how nizoral helps cure hair loss.

Here Are 3 Ways Nizoral Helps Prevent Hair Loss

Treats Dandruff

Ketoconazole in Niroral shampoo effectively disrupts the fungi’s cell membrane and hampers the production of erogosterol, which builds fungi’s membrane. As a result, fungi die and nizoral treats the dandruff and fungal scalp infections effectively. Treating dandruff helps eliminate it considerably and nourish the hair follicles and promotes the growth of healthy, strong hair.


Reduce Dryness Of Scalp

Dry scalp minimizes appropriate hydration and nutrition to your hair resulting in hair fall. Nizoral helps reduce the dryness of scalp, minimizes blockages, and promote healthy hair follicles that help you have strong, long, and thick hair. Reduction in dryness of your scalp helps prevent the hair loss to a great extent.

Reduce Dryness Of Scalp

Regulates Androgen Effect

Nizoral possesses androgen blocking properties. Androgen hormones are highly responsible for hair loss in both the genders. Your hair strand contains a dermal papilla which tends to come in direct contact with the blood that circulates in your scalp. This dermal papilla also comprises androgen receptors that combine with androgens tend to deteriorate your hair growth.


Regulates Androgen Effect

Androgens minimize the absorption of nutrients by the dermal papilla, thereby adversely affect the health of your hair follicles and cause hair loss. Androgen blocking properties of Nizoral helps inhibit the hormonal activities in the scalp. Nizoral helps cleanse your scalp, treats inflammations in the scalp, and calm it. It restricts the effects of androgen and helps boost your hair health and growth significantly.