15 Amazing Healthy Foods For Kidney Health

15 Amazing Healthy Foods For Kidney Health

Eating healthy food and leading a healthy lifestyle is essential for leading a happy life. Researchers also claim the same and have listed some amazing foods that are good for your kidney health. These foods, when taken regularly, can help promote overall health as well.

Kidneys are vital body organs that help in booting out toxins from our body in the form of urine. These foods help cleanse kidneys, eliminate toxins, and improve the functioning of kidneys. Low potassium diet is helpful for the healthy functioning the kidneys. However, people having kidneys disorders need to pre-seek the approval of doctor regarding the diet changes.

Following Are Some Amazing Healthy Foods For Kidney Health:


Cranberries play a vital role in kidney health. It is rich in vitamin C and low in potassium and hence considered as a kidney-friendly food. Few studies have claimed that untreated UTI disorders might lead to kidney disorders. Cranberry juice is found to be effective in maintaining a healthy urinary system by increasing the acidic nature of urine and further helping in improving the functioning of kidneys.



Watermelon is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients and is mostly filled with water. It has low potassium levels and acts as a diuretic thereby helping flush out toxins from the kidneys and hence improving kidney health.



Loaded with phytochemicals, cabbage plays an effective role in boosting kidney health. Phytochemicals in cabbage help break free radicals. Low in potassium yet rich in vitamin K, C, folic acid, vitamin B6 and fiber; this vegetable has all essential nutrients good for kidney health.



Garlic is known for its antioxidant properties and its anticlotting properties can help lower the risks of kidney disorders. This amazing kidney friendly food helps in protecting kidneys from the damaging effects caused by heavy metals.


Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are a potent source of antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients. They help lower the risks of kidney stones by removing the toxic substances that initiate the formation of stones in kidneys. They have diuretic properties and can help in removing toxins from the body.


Pumpkin Seeds


Ginger plays an effective role in boosting the functioning of kidneys. Antioxidants in ginger help purify the blood and flush out toxins with the help of kidneys. Few studies have proved that antioxidants in ginger have helped in preventing acute kidney failure.



Apple being a rich source of fiber known as pectin, helps improve the functioning of kidneys besides repairing its damaged tissues. It has anti-inflammatory constituents good for kidneys and as the saying goes eating an apple a day will keep your doctor at bay. Apples can help prevent UTI as well.



Fish and fish oil are potent sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Including foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids help prevent dysfunction of kidneys and also slow down the development of chronic kidney disorder.

Fish As Diet Remedy

Egg Whites:

If you have any kidney problem, you need to intake protein foods with less phosphorus content. Egg-white is one such kidney-friendly food. However, people having kidney problems must avoid including egg yolks in their diet.

Egg Yolk

Red Grapes:

A high-fat diet is the most common reason for kidney diseases. Researchers have mentioned that red grapes have essential flavonoids and are a potent source of antioxidants helpful in neutralizing free radicals and preventing oxidative stress. This kidney-caring fruit helps cleanse kidneys by flushing toxins in the form of uric acid.

Red Grapes


Onion is yet another food rich in flavonoids, especially quercetin. This antioxidant helps in neutralizing free radicals that might lead to the damage of kidneys. It is diuretic in nature and helps improve the functioning of kidneys. Onion is a good source of chromium with less potassium content and hence considered as a kidney-friendly food.



It is a cruciferous veggie loaded with abundant Vitamin C, fiber, and folic acid. Cauliflower has compounds such as thiocyanates, indoles, glucosinolates that help in neutralizing the toxic compounds which might otherwise damage kidneys.



Turmeric has several medicinal properties. Anti-inflammatory properties in turmeric can help treat kidney ailments. When taken orally, turmeric is helpful in treating UTI. It helps eliminate free radicals thereby reducing oxidative stress which might otherwise lead to kidney dysfunction.


Red Bell Pepper:

They are low in potassium and hence red bell peppers are considered kidney-friendly. Red capsicum or red bell pepper is suggested for kidney patients as it helps in breaking down the waste present in the blood.

Red Bell Peppers


Parsley is one of the amazing foods that help flush out toxins from kidneys. It plays a vital role in treating kidney stones and UTI. It helps in excreting sodium and water with the help of kidneys and hence prevents water as well as salt retention in the body. It helps prevent kidney stones as well.

Raw Parsley