10 High Cholesterol Foods To Avoid


High Cholesterol Foods To Avoid Cholesterol is one of the major problemsthat a lot of people face all around the globe. One of the major ways in which you can keep the cholesterol levels balanced is to eat the right food as well as avoid certain foods that provide with high rates of cholesterol to the body.A healthy diet will always trigger positive results where any health ailment is concerned. If you are someone who is looking for a safe and effective way to get over the crisis, then nothing like keeping away from certain food products.

It might not help you in completely curing the problem but then it will help a great deal in maintaining the equilibrium. Here we provide you with a simple food menu that lists down all the top 10 foods that you should keep at bay if you have problems of cholesterol at its peak-

10 High Cholesterol Foods To Avoid 

Egg Yolk

Avoid Egg Yolk For High Cholesterol One of the top most foods that have high levels of cholesterol is egg yolk. One egg yolk has approximately 200 mg of cholesterol and the maximum that an obese person can intake in one day is 300 mg. An egg yolk early morning will fulfill more than half of your requirement, so its always better to opt for low cholesterol diet foods in the whole day.

Processed Foods

Avoid Processed Foods For High Cholesterol Any kind of processed foods whether we talk about muffins or pastries or even cookies is a big no for all those who suffer from cholesterol at its peak.

Fried And Oily Foods

Avoid Oily Foods For High Cholesterol Any food products that are deep fried in oil has high levels of cholesterol present in them. This makes it really harmful for obese and overweight people. So try and avoid this category of food.

High Fat Dairy Products

Avoid Dairy Products For High Cholesterol Full cream, cheese, butter, high fat yoghurt and milk all of these products are really high in fat and increases cholesterol to a great extent in the body. Opt for skimmed milk and low fat dairy products only.

Animal Products Category

Avoid Meat, Fish For High Cholesterol Animal products will definitely have that level of fat which is never allowed in conditions of high cholesterol. These include meat, fish and even poultry items.
Herein, sea food, liver meat, caviar is also included in the foods to avoid list.

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil

Any items that have been prepared by using hydrogenated vegetable oil are one of the top most food categories that should be avoided in high cholesterol conditions.

Avoid Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil For High Cholesterol Desserts And Sweets

Any food products that are high in sugar will be high in cholesterol too. For example, pies, cakes, shakes, doughnuts, crackers and more. Anything sweet is supposed to stay away from for balancing cholesterol levels.

Avoid Desserts And Sweets For High Cholesterol Fast Food/ Junk Food

From burgers to pizzas and hotdogs to tacos and fried chicken all of them fall under the junk food category that has extreme levels of cholesterol in them. Hamburgers, cheesy dips, French fries are some other examples of the same.

Avoid Junk Food For High Cholesterol Ice-Creams

Researches show that ice-creams have as much level of fat and cholesterol as the foods mentioned above. So keep away from this item as much as possible.

Avoid Ice-Creams For High Cholesterol Duck And Goose

For all the non-vegetarians, you should especially note down that duck and goose meat should not be eaten in case of high cholesterol levels in the body.

Avoid Goose Meat For High Cholesterol