Wonderful Herbal Remedies For Cradle Cap

Craddle Cap Cradle cap is one of those things that no one warns you about and before you know it your baby’s head is covered with unsightly yellow scales that keep shedding onto clothes and other stuff. Although cradle cap is harmful it can cause irritation to the baby apart from looking unappealing. It can also play as a fertile ground for skin infections.

Although people suggest brushing the baby’s head with a soft hair brush meant for babies, it is seldom sufficient to get rid of the problem. Again using over the counter remedies like shampoos meant for treating cradle cap are harmful for the bay because they contain harsh chemicals. This is the reason that herbal remedies for cradle cap are the best.

Wonderful Herbal Remedies For Cradle Cap

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the best remedies for this problem. It is also full of nutrient and hence provides the necessary nutrition to the scalp and baby hair. For best results, take a little coconut oil on your palms and massage gently on the baby’s head.

Coconut oil massage


Leave it for at least half an hour. In fact leave it on overnight for best results. Later use a shampoo to wash off the oil and the yellow flakes along with it. With repeated usage this remedy is sure to give beneficial results.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is well known for its moisturizing properties and is also very rich in nutrients. It provides the necessary moisture to the baby’s scalp and is hence one of the effective herbal remedies for cradle cap.

Olive Oil


Apply the olive oil to the baby’s head and gently massage the scalp with your fingers. Leave it on for half an hour or overnight and then wash it off with a shampoo.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is very rich in vitamin E and hence is very effective in the treatment of skin and hair problems. It is very light and mild on the baby’s skin and hair. That is why it is effective in the treatment of a problem like cradle cap.

Almond oil

The use of almond oil is similar to the use of coconut and olive oil. For better results you can make the oil lukewarm before you apply it.

Viola And Marigold

Viola And Marigold oil

The extracts of viola and marigold herbs are very effective as herbal remedies for cradle cap. In fact any product like an oil, shampoo, lotion etc made with the use of the extract of these two herbs can treat cradle cap quite effectively. For best results follow the instructions provided on the package of the product.

Lavender Oil

Aromatherapy is very effective as one of the herbal remedies for cradle cap and various problems, both physical and mental. At the same time the mild smell of lavender will be very soothing for the nerves of your baby. However, the essential oil of lavender should be mixed in base oil like olive oil for application.

Lavender Oil

Also ensure that your baby is not allergic to it because some people are allergic to some essential oils. For this apply a drop of oil on the baby’s inner elbow and leave it overnight. There should be no change in the skin to prove that the oil is safe for use.