6 Vitamins And Supplements For Cancer Patients


Vitamins For Cancer Patients

Cancer is among the world’s most dreadful and life-threatening diseases. Though rapid advancements in science and medicine have introduced new treatment options and medications for cancer patients, cancer still remains among the world’s incurable diseases.Naturopaths and alternative medicine practitioners recommend the use of natural products and diet changes to add to the life of the patient and reduce the severity of symptoms. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, free from addictions, coupled with a healthy lifestyle can do many benefits to patients suffering from end stage cancer.

Also, reducing alcohol consumption and smoking cigarettes can cut down the risk of spread of cancer to different body parts. Vitamins and supplements are also thought to bring about a positive change in the body in many cancer patients. Listed below are a few common vitamins and supplements that can help cancer patients manage their disease much better.

Vitamins And Supplements For Cancer Patients

Mushroom Products

Mushroom Products For Cancer Patients

Mushrooms have been used as a medicine effectively since thousands of years. It possesses certain phytochemicals that prevent the invasiveness and spread of certain cancers. Extracts from some mushrooms are also known to be efficient at fighting away major carcinogens (cancer-causing substances).

Vitamin D

Vitamin D For Cancer Patients

Earlier, vitamin D was thought to aid only bone and musculoskeletal function; but now, vitamin D has been confirmed to play a major role in cancer prevention, especially breast cancer and colorectal cancer. People having adequate vitamin D were less likely to die of colorectal cancer, according to recent studies.

Green Tea Extracts

Green Tea For Cancer Patients

Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants which help fight away free radicals that may cause cancer. It is the best known natural product that possesses anti cancer abilities. Green tea extracts are thought to slow down the progression of cancerous tumors in almost 66% cases.


Garlic For Cancer Patients

Garlic is the best known supplement to be taken to cut down the risk of various cancers. For cancer patients, adding more garlic in their diet can be beneficial in more ways than one. Firstly, garlic has amazing anti inflammatory properties which help relieve symptoms associated with cancer. Secondly, it also helps reduce the tumors formed in lung, breast, colon and prostrate cancers.


Selenium is an element that is now widely used as a supplement by many cancer patients. It helps boost immunity and extends the life of an end stage cancer patient by as long as 12 months.

Selenium For Cancer Patients

Vitamins A, B, C and E

Vitamins A and E are optimum for maintaining skin health. However, their use in the prevention of skin cancer is now known widely. These vitamins help maintain the tissue linings of the body, both internal and external, and reduce the chances of tumor formation and uncontrolled cell growth in these areas.

Vitamins B and C are thought to reduce the severity of symptoms associated with stomach and colon cancer. They also play a role in prevention of cervical cancer. Some studies suggest that these vitamins and supplements may interfere with the mechanisms of medications and drugs, which may aggravate the condition. This is why it is important to consult an oncologist before starting consumption of any of these substances.

Vitamin For Cancer Patients