Treatment And Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal


Treatment And Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a boon for those people who want to remove unwanted hairs that pop up here and there and at all the odd places. This is a technique that uses laser to burn out the unwanted hair growth and is more effective, less painful and a faster method than the other popular method of hair removal, electrolysis.

Now, let us get into the details of who should go for the treatment, where will you go for the treatment, what are its effects and finally what are the side effects?

Who Should Go For Laser Hair Removal?

You must have often come across people who are too hairy. Though a hairy man is not that odd to look at, a woman with unwanted hair is often not acceptable. So it is the women who mostly go for laser removal of hair. Some women have hair growth similar to men like having moustache and beard, though not as much as a man. This condition is called hirsuitism. It looks bad and they can easily go for this treatment. Sometimes these things are hereditary or are caused by hormone malfunction.

Who Should Go For Laser Hair Removal

These conditions can be seen both in men and women and is called hypertrichosis. If they find that the growth is abnormal, then they can find laser hair removal to be a suitable treatment. Finally, people, especially women are going for this treatment just to look good.

Where To Go For The Treatment?

Generally one goes to the cosmetic surgeons for the treatment. These days they are also known as aesthetic plastic surgeons. They can be the right consultants but this is a case of dermatologists and make sure that you go to such a specialist for the treatment. Most of the times there are clinics that do the job and they are manned by experts in the field. So if you need such a treatment go for a clinic with good reputation and try to find references.

The Treatment

Once you go to the clinic the consultant will interview you to find out why and where you need the treatment. Then they will do a test to find out whether you are compatible with the laser. This is done to make sure that you do not face any difficulty while the treatment is on. You may need several sittings for completion of the process. And usually there is a good chance that at the end of the treatment you will be ensured that the hairs do not come back soon.

1. The First Sitting

This is very important as you will get a feel of the whole process for the first time. Usually cutting of the hair or simple shaving is allowed before the treatment. No bleaching or waxing is recommended. Even tanning of any kind, natural or artificial is accepted. Throughout the length of the treatment you will need to wear a sunscreen of high SPF.

wear a sunscreen of high SPF.

2. Further Sittings

The process of laser hair removal is not very vigorous. So you will need at least six more sittings depending on the area from where you want to remove the hair. The number of sittings may increase depending on the areas from where the hair is to be removed, the skin color, the reason for abnormal hair growth, if any, and also the coarseness of hair. Three to eight week’s intervals are kept between the sittings to follow the growth cycle of the hair follicles so that all the hairs can be removed. So removing facial hairs may need frequent sittings while removing hair from the legs may need intervals of around 6 to 8 weeks.

remove the hair


Generally the result starts showing from the 3rd sitting. This is refined in the later treatments and by the end of the treatment process you may be in a position to say that you have almost permanently removed the hairs from the areas where you did not want them to be. At most you will need a sitting or two in a year to make sure that the hairs do not grow back.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Laser Hair Removal

There are various things that you need to keep in mind while undergoing laser hair removal treatment.

•    Make sure that you do not bleach, wax or pull out hairs at least before the treatment starts or during the treatment period.
•    Shave the area art least 24 hours prior to the first treatment procedure.
•    Remove any tan, natural or artificial, before the treatment.
•    After the procedure do not scratch the area under treatment as it may cause infection or other types of complications.
•    Wear loose fitting cloth and avoid all types of tight fitting cloths that cling to the skin.
•    Apply aloe vera gel to sooth the area which may swell and turn red just after the treatment.

aloe vera gel
•    Stay away from having sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming, hot showers, steam baths and activities of similar nature at least for two days after each sitting.
•    Only shave or cut the hair during the treatment.
•    Do not let direct sunlight fall on the area that is undergoing treatment. If necessary use sun block lotion or cream with SPF of at least 30.
•    If there has been any change of medication you are using or if you have started any new medicines, then make sure you let you laser therapist know of it.

Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal

The basic side effects are the skin turning pink or red, swelling and itchiness and normally these should not last for more than two days. Pain of various levels may be experienced also as normal effects.

Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal

However, in some cases hyper or hypo pigmentation may be experienced. Burning may also occur and in such cases the intensity of the laser should be controlled. In some cases infection may also occur. Allergy to the laser is not possible but one can be allergic to the various gels used during the procedure.

Laser Hair Removal At Home

Though it may seem dangerous to think of handling something like laser at home some companies have come up with devices with which people can remove hair at home. These have also received the necessary clearances from the authorities and have been declared safe for use at home.

Laser Hair Removal At Home