5 Top Home Remedies For Plague


Home Remedies For Plague

There were times when the word ‘plague’ is considered as death warrant and named as Black Death. Entire city and villages turned dead when plague attacked in older times. But now the situation is not so tough in modern time, although plague can cause some death but still it is curable now. Plague is defined as a very infectious disease that is caused by bacteria known as Yesinia Pestis, that is found in rats. These bacteria transmitted through fleas to humans and spreads all over the world. It is highly contagious, and spreads from one person to another quickly.

The various symptoms of plague are fever, vomiting, headache, nausea, breathing problem, pain in chest & stomach, illness, muscle pain, cough & cold, lymph in certain area and various others. Various antibiotic medicines can be used for its treatment. But some home remedy can be used for curing plague. But it is strictly advised to contact medical professionals before doing anything.

Home Remedies For Plague

Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea For Plague Relief

Herbal tea is easily available across the market or in home. This can be effective according to naturists. Herbal tea made from margosa extracts or basil leaf extracts or ginger leaf extracts can be used in plague treatment.Drink either of the three shown above or you can also combine all three to make herbal tea. Consume it 2-3 times a day for long time period.

Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Oil For Plague Relief

Essential oil always considered as very effective in various infections. During the older days people used essential oil against plague attack too. It is not very much proved but still can be useful in plague as it has various medicinal properties.It has antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral properties along with increasing the immune efficiency of the body. Various essential oil such as clove oil, eucalyptus oil, cinnamon oil, oregano, thyme or ginger root oil can be used. For using you can spray it around room or have a massage with them or even can bath with adding them in hot water.


Garlic For Plague Relief

I don’t think that anything is better than garlic in treating various health related problems. Garlic has wonderful effect on any viral, bacterial or fungal infection and also help in decreasing inflammation. Plague is a bacterial infection and garlic can be effective in this case.You can use garlic in number of ways like eating its cloves raw, with honey, adding in foods, applying its paste, using in oil form. It is the reason that people from older times to modern days suggest to use garlic as much as possible.


Yarrow is considered as very effective remedy against plague from older times to these days. It is useful in various other health problems as fever, flu, infections, colds, pneumonia, inflammation and various others.For using you need dried yarrow flowers or you can dry them by yourself. Boil the dried flowers and use like tea with mint. It was a well know remedy many centuries earlier and still relevant today in various problems.

Yarrow For Plague Relief


Ginger is another home remedy considering in plague. It has all the necessary medicinal properties for bacterial and other infections. It also helps in increasing our immune system efficiency and also counters many allergies.It is very simple to use ginger for various purpose, you can use it raw or with honey, with tea, with lemon or salt or as food additives. Ginger has always proved itself very effective in many health problems.

Ginger For Plague Relief