5 Top Home Remedies For Oral Cancer


Oral Cancer Oral cancer is a cancer category in which the cancer occurs inside the mouth. It can be anywhere in mouth such as nasal cavities, glands, mucosa, behind wisdom teeth, tongue or on mouth floor. It is a very serious medical condition that can cause serious damages. There are various factors that can cause oral cancer like smoking, alcohol consumption, chewing tobacco, chronic infections like HIV, old age, extreme heat and others.The various symptoms that may appear in case of oral cancer includes mouth lumps that stayed after 30 days, Pain inside jaw or in ears, having difficulty in swallowing or chewing, feeling numbness inside mouth, appearance of white or pink patches inside mouth and sometimes bad smell from mouth on talking may also appear.

The best way to counter oral cancer or other medical conditions is by prevention. And apart from this when suffering from oral cancer you must have to contact your doctor. Some home remedies were also found effective in many cases of oral cancer. Some of them are included here.

Home Remedies For Oral Cancer

Clove Oil

Clove Oil For Oral Cancer Clove oil is considered as effective remedy in case of oral cancer. Cloves have high medicinal properties that can be used in various medical conditions. Clove is very useful in countering bacteria, viruses and germs along with providing relief from inflammation & infections. It has antiseptic properties and can kill various harming microbes. You can easily use clove oil or clove in various problems including oral cancer. First dilute clove oil with water then dip a cotton cloth in the solution and apply slowly over the affected part. Repeat the same 1-2 times in a day extended up to one month for seeing its effect.


Bleach For Oral Cancer Oral cancer in initial stage can be treated with bleach/hydrogen peroxide, as hydrogen peroxide has capability of killing cancer cells. For using hydrogen peroxide for oral cancer, first dilute it with little amount of water and then apply with the help of a cotton cloth over the affected area. Repeat it 2 times daily and up to 2-3 months. In various cases it is found very effective.

Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice For Oral Cancer In case of mouth cancer, carrot juice has been found effective. Carrot is an easily available home item which is used in various food preparation and salads. Carrot is very rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers, folic acid along with various other properties. Various studies have proven carrot as a best cancer fighter. You can eat raw carrot daily or drink carrot juice as much as you can. It will provide you relief.


Garlic For Oral Cancer No home remedy is as effective as garlic, you can use garlic in almost all health related problems either one way or other. Garlic has various useful medicinal properties to counter different types of infections and problems. Garlic has been found very effective in oral cancer treatment too. It has antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti allergic and many other properties.

Garlic is also a good immune system enhancer for our body. The various compounds including sulphur can decrease the growth of cancer cell growth. Garlic is very easy to use by either taking it raw or with food. For oral cancer you can mix garlic paste with honey and apply over the effected part, repeat this 1-2 times a day for one or two week.


Turmeric For Oral Cancer It is now a proven fact that turmeric has ability to counter cancer mainly oral cancer. It is our day to day use home product that turns into an effective remedy in case of various health problems. Turmeric has anti fungal, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties along with many other properties. It has curcumin which is effective in killing cancer cells. You can use turmeric in many ways. For oral cancer you can mix turmeric powder in honey and then apply the paste over the affected part. Also you can use it with warm milk for consumption.

5 Top Home Remedies For Oral Cancer