Top Four Highly Effective Anti-Ageing Vitamins


Highly Effective Anti-Ageing Vitamins

Everyone wants to remain young and healthy, but the stress of life often takes a toll on individuals, causing him or her to experience fatigue and health ailments. There are several ways by which individuals can combat the adverse effects of aging.

Although exercise and rest plays a very important role in combating the aging process, vitamins are also considered highly effective for combating aging due to nutritional deficiencies. Given below is a list of highly effective vitamins for anti-aging.

Top Four Highly Effective Anti-Ageing Vitamins

Vitamin A

Vitamin A For Anti-ageing

Vitamin A is considered essential for preventing aging process. This vitamin is known to play a major role in the repairing of body tissue as well. Vitamin A, also known as beta-carotene, is a common ingredient in many skin creams, which are used for anti-aging.This antioxidant can be found in foods such as spinach, apricots, carrots, and cantaloupe. In most cases, this vitamin does not cause any major side-effects. However, it is important that you consult your doctor regarding the suitable dosage of vitamin A, as high doses may result in toxicity.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C For Anti-ageing

Vitamin C is a powerful vitamin that is helpful for slowing the process of aging. This is because vitamin C helps in producing collagen. With age, the presence of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin begins to decrease. According to a research study conducted by Tokyo Metropolitan Institute Of Gerontology, it was observed that applying vitamin C topically to skin helps in reversing the effects of damaged collagen and elastin fibers.

According to another research study published in “Biochemical And Biophysical Research Communications”, it was observed that vitamin C helps in combating aging by renewing collagen and elastin production. Vitamin C is also effective in combating age-related ailments such as heart disease and cancer, due to the fact that it deters activity of free radicals.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E For Anti-ageing

Vitamin E is a powerful vitamin that is highly effective for preventing aging process. The effectiveness of this vitamin is greatly increased, when used in conjunction with vitamin C. According to a research study conducted by Mount Sinai Medical Center, it was found out that vitamin E is helpful in rebuilding collagen, when used along with vitamin C. In addition to preventing skin damage, this antioxidant vitamin helps in combating damage caused to the brain. According to a research study conducted, it was pointed out that this antioxidant helps in preventing Alzheimer’s disease, which is an ailment that develops mostly due to age.

Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 is another powerful vitamin that helps in combating the negative effects of aging. Also known as Folic acid, this vitamin exhibits antioxidant activity, and aids in the destruction of free radicals, which accelerate the process of aging.Vitamin B9 can be found in foods such as Okra, Brussels sprouts, Avocado, Sunflower seeds, corn, carrots, celery and beets. Health experts recommend consuming around 400-450 mcg of vitamin B9 a day. Although the above-mentioned foods are good sources of vitamin B9, Legumes are one of the best sources of this essential vitamin, providing almost 400 mcg of folate in one cup.

Vitamin B9 For Anti-ageing