Top Five Foods To Nourish Dry Skin


As we grow old our skin tends to grow dry. Skin of a baby is well hydrated and well moisturized. But, with time because of various reasons like lack of nutrition, over exposure to weather, different hormonal changes inside body, certain medication, etc. make our skin dry. Moreover, the dry, chilly season aggravates the situation. People are under a wrong notion that external application of expensive, creams and lotion will solve the problem. However,, it is not at all true. Unless you take care of your body internally and supply adequate moisture rich and water rich foods, your skin will remain dry. Application of creams and lotion may bring temporary relief but they are not any permanent solution. To obtain permanent solution you have to add some foods to your daily diet.

This Article Will Give You Some Dietary Tips To Overcome The Dry Skin Condition.

1. Nuts:

Nuts are extremely good for the skin to keep it well moisturized and well hydrated. Cashew nuts, almonds, ground nuts are excellent for the skin. They improve the texture of the skin and keep it well moisturized supplying adequate vitamin E to the skin. Soak some of these nuts in the water at night to get soft. Chew them in the morning. It is really beneficial.


2. Milk:

Drink a glass of full cream milk daily. Milk keeps your skin hydrated and nourishes your skin supplying different nutrients to your skin. A glass of milk at your breakfast is must for those who have extremely dry skin.


3. Fruits:

Regular Intake of fruits like avocado, banana, ripe papaya, orange, lemon, water melon, etc. supply different minerals, vitamins and great amount of water to your skin. So, to overcome the dry skin condition one should add a good amount of these fruits to his or her daily diet.


4. Fish:

Different types of fish especially those sea fish that are rich in natural oil, are good for skin due to omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Fish like tuna, salmon, mackerel, etc. are good source of these fatty acids. Apart from that the skin of these fish contains certain vitamins which are beneficial for the dry skin.


5. Egg:

The last but not the least is the egg. A boiled egg daily keeps your skin in good condition. Egg especially the yolk portion is rich in fat which is essential for dry skin.


Eat these foods and drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily to get rid of dry skin.