Top 8 Signs That Shows Your Body Is Toxic

Signs That Shows Your Body Is Toxic

A normal healthy person usually has smooth body processes, the vital organs and processes are smooth and work normally – these include digestion, reproduction, sleep, growth etc. On the contrary when the health is compromised the body gives out warning signs to show that it is not healthy. When the toxicity in our body increases, a number of vital processes – as mentioned above are compromised. Toxicity occurs either due to bad food habits, exposure to pollutants and chemicals, bad habits such as smoking or excessive alcohol consumption etc. These toxic habits increase the proportion of oxidants in our body thereby increasing the overall oxidative stress. A toxic body has high oxidative stress which is an underlying cause for a number of serious health conditions – such as cancer, heart disorders, gastric ulcers and so on. It is therefore very important to keep a watch on the body’s toxic level; following are the top 8 signs which denote that the body is toxic and immediately requires detoxification. In other words, we can say that detoxifying would reduce the below-given signs and symptoms.

1. Feeling Tired All The Time

The toxic build-up in our cells and tissues reduces the oxygen supply to the body. This means our main organs do not receive enough oxygen and nourishment. All there is build-up of oxidative stress in the body which keeps on attacking our blood vessels and other tissues. The result of which is consistent fatigue. You would feel tired and lazy all the time, in spite of taking rest.

Feeling Tired All The Time

2. Frequent Muscle Pain/ Cramps

A toxic body gives out evident signs; one of which is frequent muscle cramps and muscular pain. Due to the toxic build-up in the muscles, they lack in oxygen levels and the wear and tear is not repaired properly. This results in muscle pain in various parts of the body which can also be accompanied with muscle cramps. These cramps are usually healed at rest and become severe due to action.

Frequent Muscle Pain, Cramps

3. Joint Pain

The muscle joints and the bone joints are worst affected due to toxicity in the body. When the body is toxic there is development of severe joint pain. This is usually worsened at night time and during winter season. To get relief against joint pain, it is advisable to detoxify as well as perform mild and simple motion exercises to improve flexibility and impart relief from the pain. Diet also plays a crucial role in reducing joint pain.

Joint Pain

4. Gastro Problems Like Acidity/ Bloating

Our stomach and the processes related to the gastro intestinal tract are worst affected due to stress and toxicity. The different processes such as digestion, excretion are severely hampered. This means that if the body is toxic, it gives out signs like indigestion, bloating, severe acidity, gas, constipation etc. When left untreated it could also result in occurrence of mouth ulcers, stomach ulcers and GERD. Therefore, it is said that a healthy body means a healthy stomach; thus if you experience consistent gastric problems you should know that your body needs immediate detoxification.

Gastro Problems Like Acidity, Bloating

5. Frequent Headaches

A toxic body is unhealthy and it shows. The signs of which are frequent headaches without any known reason. These headaches could travel from one point of your forehead to the back of the head and at times could also be of throbbing nature. Taking simple steps for detoxification like change of diet or use of an enema could be extremely beneficial in reducing unexplained headaches related to toxic stress.

Frequent Headaches

6. Sinusitis Or Recurrent Nasal Congestion

Toxic build-up in the body leads to release of mucous in the body and this happens mainly in the nasal tract as well as the sinus cavities. Many of the times these cavities become inflamed thus causing recurrent nasal blocks and congestions as well as inflammation of the sinus cavities called sinusitis. You would thus experience frequent and recurrent episodes of cough and cold. Use hot oil based techniques of detoxification are the best remedies for relief against such nasal congestion.

Sinusitis Or Recurrent Nasal Congestion

7. Insomnia

A person with a toxic build-up in the body is susceptible to insomnia. As a result, you cannot sleep properly at night time and this makes you lazy and fatigued throughout the day. It gradually becomes a vicious cycle which is difficult to break.


8. Increased And Recurrent Skin Rashes, Allergies, Infections Or Acne Problems

Increased oxidative stress and toxicity shows up on your skin; you may experience severe acne breakout or skin rashes, allergies which never happened before. Stress could come out in various ways and skin allergies, infections and other problems are very common out of these. Consuming detoxifying vegetable juices help reduce toxicity related skin problems.

Increased And Recurrent Skin Rashes, Allergies