Top 8 Easy Eye Care Home Remedies


Easy Eye Care Home Remedies

It is very necessary to keep your eyes in good condition. A pair of beautiful eyes not only add beauty to your face it also helps you to see the whole world and to do all works. So we must keep our eyes beautiful and healthy both externally and internally. The first and foremost things are the health of your eyes. Weak eyesight may hamper your daily work. Though it is necessary to go to an eye specialist to check our eyes at least once a year, some home remedies also help a lot to prevent some eye problems and to keep your eyes healthy and beautifully both internally and externally.

Here Are The Top 8 Easy Eye Care Home Remedies:


Carrot is a great product for good eyesight. Carrot is a great source of vitamin A which helps to improve the overall health of the eye and prevent problem like night blindness. Eat raw or cooked carrot daily. Having a drink of carrot juice daily is necessary to keep your eyes in better condition.



Almond is also another good natural thing for better eyesight because of the presence of omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin E and antioxidant content. Soak some almond overnight to get soft. Grind it to paste. Add the almond paste to your yogurt or milk and drink it daily. You will have good eyesight.



Coriander juice is really beneficial for the eyes. Coriander contains different types of minerals and vitamins which are necessary for good eyesight. Drink freshly ground homemade coriander juice daily. It really works. You can also massage coriander juice on eyelids and skin around your eyes to remove wrinkles and black spots of eyes. It is very relaxing at the same time. Coriander juice also works well in the problem of conjunctivitis.

Coriander Leaves


Aniseed is excellent for the health of the eye. Various researches have proved that it helps to prevent cataract problem. Chew a teaspoon aniseed everyday to get rid of different eye problems. Soak some aniseed in a cup of water overnight. Strain the water the next morning and drink it. It will contribute to improving the overall health of the eye.


Green Parsley:

Fresh green parsley is excellent for eye. Use them in your salad or crush them to get fresh parsley juice. Drinking parsley juice is very effective to increase the health of the eye.


Cucumber and Potato Slice:

Cucumber and potato are also excellent for tired eyes. Make fine slices of cucumber or potato and keep them in the refrigerator. After a day’s hard work, if you feel tired and find it very tiresome to stare at, apply chilled slices of cucumber or potato on your closed eyes and just relax. It helps to rejuvenate the power of your eyes. It also helps to remove under eye dark circles.

Use Of Cucumber Slices

Sweet Water Small Fish:

Small sweet water fish is superb for the eyes. The bones of these fish contain a great amount of phosphorous. Eating these fish along with its bones helps to improve the eyesight.

Sweet Water Small Fish


The water snail is excellent in myopia. Clean some water snail and wash them properly. Boil them in ample water on low flame for an hour. Add salt and turmeric in the water in the time of boiling. Drink this snail soup daily. It helps to improve the eyesight and controls the problem of myopia.


Follow these home remedies and keep your eyes in good condition.