Top 7 Foods To Include For Lactose Free Diet


Having lactose intolerance means that the body is unable to break down the lactose, the natural sugars present in the milk. People having lactose intolerance will not be able to tolerate most of the dairy products and this is why they often stick to a lactose intolerant diet. For lactose intolerance, you need to avoid taking dairy products, but getting an adequate dose of calcium is essential as well. So, you need to add supplements to your diet. It is really important to choose and pick the right kinds of foods and supplements to include in this diet and this can help avoid lactose intolerance symptoms such as diarrhea, gas etc.

Below Is The List Of The Top 7 Foods To Include For A Lactose-free Diet

Soy Milk

Soy milk is the first food substitute you often think of when you are having lactose intolerance. According to National Academy Of Sciences, both women and men should get at least 1000mg of calcium daily which is nearly equal to the calcium you can get from three glasses of milk. Soymilk that is fortified with calcium might have nearly 500mg of calcium per serving and could be a great substitute to lactose intolerants. However, if you are having milk allergies then stay away from soy milk.


Fermented Cheese

Fermented cheese varieties have lesser lactose than the other dairy products. Even lactose intolerants can tolerate smaller amounts of fermented cheese and hence, they can be added to your lactose intolerant diet as they are a great source of protein and calcium. Fermented cheese varieties such as Swiss cheese, blue cheese, and parmesan cheese have less than 2gm of lactose for an ounce serving. So, have simple cheese crackers for your calcium requirement.



Kefir is a kind of fermented drink that has a good dose of probiotics good for your health. Drinking kefir regularly can provide you with a bunch of health benefits and hence, it can be added to your lactose intolerant diet. Kefir is a kind of liquid yogurt and can be consumed daily for best results. It has lots of probiotics that are good for your digestive health.


Lactase Fortified Dairy Foods

People who are having lactose intolerance can buy dairy products and foods that have lactase added in it. Lactase is one such enzyme that helps break down the sugar present in the milk, the enzyme which can’t be tolerated by the lactose intolerants. Lactase-added dairy products and lactase-added milk are available at your grocery stores. Adding such kinds of foods for lactose intolerance can even provide you with the nutrients available in the regular milk.

dairy foods

Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses is a great substitute for lactose intolerants having a sweet tooth. It is rich and dark in flavor than the regular molasses and contains good amounts of calcium, iron, and other nutrients. You can add it on your pancakes.


Almond Milk

Almond milk is a great substitute for lactose intolerants which is highly nutritious and it contains a good amount of nutrients. It contains a healthy dose of vitamin E, iron, and potassium. When consumed in moderate quantities, almond milk could be a great substitute food for lactose intolerants. It can be added to your desserts as well.

Almond milk


Seaweed is loaded with high doses of calcium, iodine, and fiber good for ensuring proper thyroid functioning. So, add seaweed to your salads, sautés etc. for your lactose intolerance diet.