Top 6 Easy Natural Remedies For Indigestion

Natural Remedies For Indigestion

Indigestion is a very natural phenomenon which can occur if you eat or drink too much. In case of overeating various foods remain undigested and it may create indigestion. Other common causes are food poising and eating certain types of foods like greasy, spicy or fatty which aggravate the problem of indigestion and the result is lose motion. Apart from that a few lifestyle factors like lack of hygiene, eating very fast, sedentary lifestyle, excessive intake of alcohol or smoking may be the other causes of indigestion. Apparently indigestion is an innocent problem at its primary stage, but in a severe case it may turn fatal. Severe indigestion is accompanied with stomach pain; lose motion, nausea and vomiting. Most of the people take help of medicine to get rid of indigestion but these medicines should be taken under the guidance of a doctor. But before starting those medicines, you may use some home products to solve indigestion problem.

This Article Will Offer You A Few Tips In This Matter

1. Fennel Seed And Palm Candy:

Fennel seed and palm candy combination are excellent for indigestion. Take a tablespoon fennel seeds and 2-3 small pieces of palm candy. Soak them in a glass of water for 2-3 hours. Check whether palm candy has got dissolved in the water. Strain the water. Drink this water twice daily. This fennel extract helps to digest food properly and palm candy keeps stomach cool. Regular intake of this fennel palm candy water helps to resolve indigestion very well.

Fennel Seed And Palm Candy

2. Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile tea is an excellent thing when you have indigestion especially when it is accompanied with loose motion. Soak 2-3 chamomile flowers in a cup of boiling hot water for 5-6 minutes keeping the lid on. Then strain the water. Drink this tea twice or thrice daily to combat indigestion problem.

Chamomile Tea

3. Potato And Plantain:

Boiled plantain and potato is excellent for indigestion. Take one plantain and one potato. Peel both the vegetables and boil them to soft. After that, mash them to smooth paste. Add little amount of butter and salt to taste in it. Mix well and eat it. It helps a lot to get rid of indigestion.

Potato And Plantain

4. Dry Ginger Root:

Boil a piece of crushed dry ginger root in a cup of water for 5-6 minutes. Then strain the water. Add a pinch of freshly ground black pepper in the ginger tea. Drink it at least twice daily. This ginger tea is superb to digest food and enhances appetite.

Dry Ginger Root

5. Turmeric And Chilled Milk:

Turmeric and chilled milk is excelled to solve the problem of indigestion. Take a cup of chilled milk. Add a pinch of turmeric in it. Mix well and drink it. Turmeric has antibacterial property which helps to solve an indigestion by killing germs if this problem happens due to infection or food poisoning.

Turmeric And Chilled Milk

6. Mint And Yogurt:

Mint yogurt is an excellent combination to digest food properly. Moreover, mint has antibacterial property which helps to combat bacterial infection inside the stomach. In a blender add ½ cup yogurt and 3-4 fresh mint leaves. Blend them properly. Eat it when you complete your meal. Make a habit of eating this after two major meals. It will help a lot to do away indigestion problem.

Mint And Yogurt

Follow these methods. Drink light and non spicy food maximum time. Always wash your hands before taking your foods because hands carry lots of germs which may be one of the causes of indigestion. Eat healthy and stay healthy. These methods will help you to get rid of indigestion