Top 5 Home Remedies For Rubella


Rubella Rubella or German measles is caused by highly infectious virus. This infection can occur in people of all ages however, it is more common among children. It is observed that children infected by Rubella, happen to recover faster than adults.

In case any adult gets infected the symptoms are more serious and painful. In case of pregnant women, the effect of Rubella can be fatal. Rubella in pregnant women can lead to incurable diseases in the unborn child, and in lots of cases can even lead to miscarriage. There are a lot of home remedies that have proven to be useful in preventing and treating the infection. We shall take an overview of these remedies in terms of their effectiveness in curbing Rubella.

Home Remedies For Rubella

Fruit Juice

Fresh Fruit Juices

The outbreak of Rubella is accompanied with high temperature, which results in dehydration. Orange juice or even Lemon juice are good source of vitamin C which not only help in quenching the thirst pangs and soothing the throat, but also help overcome major hunger pangs, which are also a result of this viral outbreak.

Turmeric Roots

Turmeric is well known for its antibacterial properties. Turmeric roots ground to a fine powder, and mixed with few drops of honey and few teaspoons of bitter gourd juice, help in faster recovery from German measles.


Turmeric powder even when added in mud packs and applied to the abdomen, or other body parts help soothe the irritation caused by the outbreak of the rashes, accompanied by the infection.


Rubella is accompanied with dry cough which can cause swelling in the throat of the patients. To ease the dry cough and prevent swelling licorice is the best remedy.


When a half teaspoon of licorice powder mixed with honey is given to the patient, it helps greatly in soothing the throat and reducing the cough.

Eggplant Seeds

Measles contractions are very common during the outbreak of this infection. Eggplant seeds when given to the patient thrice a day help in preventing the contractions.

Eggplant Seeds

It is recommended that Eggplant seeds be taken by other members of the family as well to prevent the spread of infection among them.


Drink Barley Water

Another effective remedy for the dry cough caused by Rubella can be cured by taking Barley water. Barley water should be cooled and a few drops of olive oil should be added to it. Constantly sipping this concoction will help ensure a soothing effect on the throat and cure the dry cough.

The same remedies suggested for the patients should be administered to the individuals taking care of the patients too. As Rubella is highly contagious and can even affect adults, the symptoms in adults, especially women are more severe. They can lead to development of arthritics pain in the joints. These home remedies are very easy to be found, and the entire family can benefit from them. Also, it is absolutely essential and important that hygiene is maintained around the patient and for this neem or Margosa leaves added in bath water can prove highly effective.