Top 5 Home Remedies For ENT Disorder

ENT Disorder

Every year with the change of weather there are various infections and diseases which pop up making all of us miserable. Among the various infections and diseases attacking us the most common ones are those which are related to the ear, nose and the throat. The reasons for the ENT disorders are nothing but the increase in activity of the bacteria, fungus and viruses due to the change in the temperature and conditions around.

As soon as we feel some kind of discomfort or irritation we run to the medical practitioner though these problems can be cured easily with simple home remedies. As the Ear, Nose and Throat are all linked together as one get infected the others also get affected and therefore the home remedies for ear, nose and throat are all the same. Here are five home remedies which help in curing ENT problems with ease –

Best Home Remedies For ENT Disorder

Warm Salt Water Gargling

For those who are facing irritation in the ears, the nose and the throat the best solution is gargling with warm salt water. Frequent gargling with warm water throughout the day for about three to four times relives of the itchiness and the pain associated with the ENT.

The warm salt water is said to create the soothing effect as it affects the bacteria and the virus developments which have developed due to the change in weather.

Gargling with salt water


Honey is another home remedy to cure ENT irritations. Consumption of Honey gives a relaxing feeling especially when any person is facing problems like sore throat or throat pain. Inhaling fumed water with honey also provides instant relief and clears congestion. Just like honey is consumed ginger and vinegar combination are also effective to get rid of the ENT problem at home.


Hot Oil Massage

For ear, nose and throat issues and also for cough and cold Hot Mustard oil massage on the chest, palms give effective results. It keeps the body warm relieving of the pain and the discomfort associated with the common illnesses.


Along with hot oil massages olive oil, clove oil, basil, onion and garlic juice cures ENT disorders too. They especially have great effects to cure ear problems. Garlic and Mustard oil combinations are perfect for the ears after heating them. However be careful not to pour over heated oil as it might cause adverse effects.

Hot Oil Massage

Herb Treatment For ENT Remedies

Thyme and Sage are herbs which help getting over ENT disorders. They help getting rid of sore throat, mucus discharge and cough. Regular infusions help prevent ENT discomforts.

Herb Treatment For ENT Remedies

Keeping The Body Warm

Weather changes lead to ENT disorders. Therefore keeping the body warm when weather changes occurs is the best way to avoid ENT problems and also cure them. Drinking Tea is the best cure as it keeps the body warms and protects against cold and infections.

Herbal teas comprising of basil, ginger, black pepper is great home cure from ENT problems. Green tea along with cutting down fat also keeps the body immune against ENT problems. Follow these home remedies to prevent running to the clinic and also to be on the safe side.

Herbal Tea