Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Breastfeeding Pain

Herbal Remedies For Breastfeeding Pain
Breastfeeding a new born can be a great experience for any mother. However, this wonderful experience can be marred to a great extent due to breastfeeding pain. Breastfeeding mothers often suffer from sore or cracked nipples which can get infected and result in mastitis.

This infection is not serious but requires strong antibiotics for treatment. At the same time milk can get accumulated in the breasts and cause pain. Luckily you do not have to resort to modern medicine for this problem as there are many herbal remedies for breastfeeding pain which can alleviate the problem.

Best Herbal Remedies For Breastfeeding Pain


Echinacea Reduce Breastfeeding Pain
Echinacea is an excellent herbal remedy for a number of different ailments including common cold and cough. It is a great natural antibiotic and hence is very useful in the treatment of mastitis. It has to be consumed orally in order to heal the infection from inside. The recommended dosage is one half drop per pound of body weight.

For instance if a lady weighs 130 pounds she should take 65 drops of the liquid extract of Echinacea root. This dosage should be taken twelve times a day till the symptoms go away and even then it should be continued for another week to be absolutely sure of is action as one of the herbal remedies for breastfeeding pain.

Poke Root

Poke Root Reduce Breastfeeding Pain

The tincture of this herb stimulates the activity of the lymph glands and clears mastitis fast. This herb is very potent and somewhat toxic hence you should not take more than two drops of the tincture in a day. This is because if taken in higher dosage it can have cumulative side effects. For severe infections you can combine Echinacea root and poke root.

Parsley Leaves Poultice
Parsley Leaves Reduce Breastfeeding Pain

Poultices, soaks and compresses are the best remedy for painful breasts and while even plain hot water will reduce the discomfort, some herbs added to the water make it even more effective. A poultice which is one of the herbal remedies for breastfeeding pain is made using parsley. Take dried or fresh parsley leaves and wrap them in a clean cotton diaper. Close this into a bundle with a rubber band and simmer it in a pan of water for 10-15 minutes. Apply the hot parsley as a poultice if it is hot or if you have used dried herb then use it wrapped in the diaper as a compress.


You can prepare a poultice or compress of fresh or dried comfrey leaves the same as parsley. This remedy helps to soothe sore nipples, reduces the pain in swollen breasts, softens the tissues that are engorged, and helps in unblocking the tubes and ducts in the breasts. The external use of comfrey as one of the herbal remedies for breastfeeding pain is considered safe but some mothers may worry about damage to their baby’s liver.

Comfrey Reduce Breastfeeding Pain

Marshmallow Roots

These roots are excellent when used as soaks to soothe tender tissues and sore nipples, open blocked ducts and tubes, draw out the infection and reduce the pain in engorged and inflamed breasts. Take two ounces of root and steep overnight in half a gallon of hot water. Heat as much liquid as needed and soak your breasts in it.
Marshmallow Roots Reduce Breastfeeding Pain