Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Blepharitis


Herbal Remedies For Blepharitis Blepharitis is an eye infection caused by bacteria. The infection is normally characterized by itchy and swollen eyelids. The eyes may also become red and swollen. This is a very irritating condition and will spoil your whole day. The irritation in the eye may be extreme in some cases and you will not be able to read or write for a longer time.

As eyes are very sensitive organs, you should not go for any eye drops, without proper prescription. If you can cure it with some herbs, without any side effects, will that not be great?

Herbal Remedies For Blepharitis

Coriander Cures

Coriander For Blepharitis Coriander seeds, that are not fully dried, can also help you out, even from the severest cases of blepharitis. The juice that is taken from the coriander seeds has a cooling effect. This should not be used as eye drops.But, it can be used to massage the eye lids and wash it once in a while. It can act against bacteria, as well as lessen the irritation. Coriander seeds are easy to get and this can be used effectively against blepharitis.

Use Oregon Grape

Oregon Grape For Blepharitis Antibacterial herb, Oregon grape, can be the best remedy to treat blepharitis. This is available in the form of eye drops and it can be used. This does not harm your eyes and it is already proven. Blepharitis most commonly, not just affects the eye lids, but also causes itchy eyes.So, the drop containing Oregon grape helps in reducing the itchiness and irritation. As this is also easily available in the market, you do not have to go in search for it, unlike other herbs.


Goldenseal For Blepharitis Goldenseal is an effective herbal remedy for a number of diseases. In case of blepharitis, the root of goldenseal can be used to treat. It is a very good, naturally available antiseptic and can treat skin inflammations effectively. The juice taken from the root of this plant can be used to wash the affected eyelid regularly.But, care should be taken, not to over use it, as it may lead to other complications. You can use it continuously for about two weeks and give a break after that, and you will find effective results.

Use Of Calendula

Calendula For Blepharitis Calendula can also be used to treat all kinds of eye infection, in particular bacterial infection. This is similar to goldenseal in treating blepharitis. The advantage of going for this is that, it is also available in the form of ointment. This can be purchased and applied on the infected eye lids. This has to power to ease irritation immediately and bring back the eyes to normal in just a few days.

Chamomile For Massage

Chamomile For Blepharitis Chamomile can be used massage the affected area. This can be put inside a tea bag and boiled in hot water. When it gets cooled, it can be used to massage the affected area.The anti bacterial property of this herb helps in destroying the bacteria, where it is applied. With a number of herbal remedies available, it is up to you to choose the best one that is apt for your skin and eyes.

Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Blepharitis