Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Birth Control


Herbal Remedies For Birth Control There are a number of contraceptive measures, both temporary and permanent. The permanent birth control is done usually through an operation. In case of temporary contraceptives, there are a wide range of medications available in the market.

But, all these are usually not good for health, and in a long run, will render you with several side effects. If you want to go for birth control, which is both safe and effective, then the herbal remedies comes in handy. You can go for herbal remedies without worrying about any side effect.

Herbal Remedies For Birth Control


Thistles For Birth Control Thistles are wild herbs that are more often confined to remote places. This is a very effective temporary contraception, which was used from very olden days. The medicinal value of this herb is not just found in its roots, but in the entire plant. So, you have to pick the whole plant and immerse in water.Boil it for some time and the juice is the medicine here. The juice is of very strong smell and the taste is also very bad. But, it is very effective for temporary birth control.

Stoneseed Root For Sterility

Stoneseed For Birth Control There are few herbs with medicinal value that can enhance fertility in human beings. Similarly, there are some with anti-fertility or sterility nature. One such herb is the Stoneseed. The root of this plant should be washed and soaked in water for few hours.You should then extract that water and drink. If this is continuously practiced for a period of six months, you can naturally attain sterility. This can help you out from operations.

Try Neem Oil

Neem Oil For Birth Control Neem oil is commercially available in shops. This is an extract developed from neem tree, using it leaves, seed and flowers. This can be used by both men and women but in a different way. In men, it should be orally consumed.Though it has a very bad and bitter taste, it is believed to a good contraceptive agent. This will help you in temporarily getting pregnant. Also, it has a lot of medical value and helps in killing germs in your body.

Tasty And Effective Pomegranate

Pomegranate, scientifically called as punica seeds, is a good birth control agent. If you are not able to find any of the above given herbs, you can go for the more easily accessible pomegranate. It is tasty as well as effective. Studies of the past reveal that this was used as a temporary contraception in the past. Apart from the seeds, the outer layer is also believed to be a contraception agent. Though it does not taste that good, you can find a way to mix it up with the juice. All the herbal remedies are effective up to some extent. But the safety is assured by all the herbal medications, unlike other modern contraception.

Pomegranate For Birth Control Use Of Pulpit Root

Pulpit root is less powerful and this does not bring about permanent sterility. The method of consumption of this is also different from Stoneseed root.The root of Pulpit plant should be dried and powdered. This powder should be mixed in water, filtered and then drunk. This can be effective for one week period and is a best temporary contraception.

Pulpit Root For Birth Control