Top 11 Uses Of Cayenne Pepper As A Medicine


11 Uses Of Cayenne Pepper As A Medicine

Cayenne pepper is an incredible spice which is known for its hot flavor. The chief ingredient in cayenne pepper is capsaicin which gives the pepper its heat. Cayenne pepper imparts a distinct flavor to any dish and has several culinary uses as well. It is not just a hot spicy food ingredient, but it has several medicinal uses as well. It is available in the form of tincture, capsule, powder, or can be applied directly to the skin as an oil or ointment, depending on what condition you want to use it as a remedy.

Here Are The Top 11 Uses Of Cayenne Pepper As A Medicine:

1. Cayenne pepper for stimulating blood circulation:

Cayenne pepper is one of the greatest blood circulation [1] stimulants. It works effectively well for heart and circulatory system as well apart from the digestive system. The compound capsaicin found in cayenne pepper is responsible for the heat and helps improve blood flow throughout the body. In addition to adding heat to the cayenne pepper, capsaicin is believed to reduce the platelet stickiness, thus helping lower the chances of having a stroke.
blood circulation

2. Cayenne Pepper For Muscle Pain:

Cayenne pepper works effectively well for [2] reducing muscle pain, thanks to the capsaicin found in pepper. When used topically as a medicine, capsaicin helps deplete a chemical substance known as P and this chemical carries pain messages to the brain via your nerves. The best way to use cayenne for pain relief is to make a gel or cream out of it using coconut oil and apply it topically on the painful area. You will feel hot instantly but this sensation goes off within a few minutes and you will get relief.

muscle pain

3. Cayenne Pepper For A Migraine Headache:

Cayenne pepper is an amazing spice which helps [3] provide relief from a migraine headache. The capsaicin in cayenne acts as a potent inhibitor of platelet aggregation and helps provide relief from pain. It is one of the natural painkillers and is considered effective in relieving a migraine headache.

migraine headache

4. Cayenne Pepper For Ulcers:

Cayenne pepper works as a great medicine for ulcers as well. [4]  It can help in stimulating the blood flow to the stomach and helps activate healing. Ingest a small capsule of cayenne pepper powder or consume hot pepper tea with 1/4th tsp. of cayenne pepper steeped in a cup of hot water. You can consume this tea on a daily basis to avoid the recurrence of ulcers.

 Cayenne Pepper For Ulcers

5. Cayenne Pepper For Boosting Metabolism:

Cayenne pepper is considered effective in boosting [5] your metabolism rate and burning the fat for energy. The capsaicin available in cayenne pepper is responsible for increasing the internal heat of the body and the internal heat thus helps improve your metabolism rate apart from breaking down the fat.

increasing metabolism

6. Cayenne Pepper For Improving Digestion:

Cayenne pepper acts as an excellent medicine to [6] stimulate digestion process effectively. It is known for healing and assisting the digestive system. It helps in rebuilding the tissue inside the stomach, and allows the body to create an acid that is essential for a healthy digestion.

Digestion problems

7. Cayenne Pepper For Joint Pain And Inflammation:

Cayenne pepper works exceptionally well for dealing with [7] joint pain and inflammation, particularly for rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, and osteoarthritis. The capsaicin in the cayenne pepper is the reason for its effectiveness. So, to get rid of the joint pain and other inflammatory conditions blend cayenne pepper with enough pure wintergreen oil and make a paste. Apply this paste topically on the affected areas to get relieved from the pains.


8. Cayenne Pepper For Reducing Nasal Congestion:

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which helps liquefy [8] the sinus-clogging mucous produced by the immune system. A warm tea prepared using cayenne pepper helps in draining the mucous from the mucous membrane, thus providing relief from nasal congestion.

nasal congestion

9. Cayenne Pepper For Lowering Blood Pressure:

The compound capsaicin in the cayenne pepper is [9] helpful for lowering blood pressure as well. Capsaicin helps in promoting vasodilation which further enhances blood flow, lowers blood pressure, and promotes healing of the body. Hence, you need to include this wonderful spice in your diet.

Blood Pressure

10. Cayenne Pepper For Hemorrhoids:

Cayenne pepper works as a great medicine for hemorrhoids. [10] It helps in relieving the swelling and inflammation of the blood vessels and veins in the anus and rectum area. Consume a glass of cayenne pepper water daily to get relieved from hemorrhoids.


11. Cayenne Pepper For Reducing Blood Cholesterol:

Cayenne pepper is known for its antioxidant ability and a healthy [11] amount of vitamin C as well. When consumed, cayenne pepper helps reduce the risks of atherosclerosis by reducing the blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels as well as platelet aggravation.

Lowers cholesterol