Top 10 DIY Home Remedies for Hangnails


Remedies for Hangnails

Hangnails are pretty common appearances. Hangnails are triangular shaped bits of skin that tear off. Dry skin and soaking hands in water for long hours can give you hangnails. Besides, biting nails is a common cause of hangnails. At the same time, hangnails may be caused by bad manicures and exposure to harmful chemicals. Nutritional deficiencies also contribute to hangnails. Although the problem is not paid due attention, it can lead to serious bacterial and fungal infections that may result in excessive swelling, pain and redness. A good number of home remedies help in curing hangnails. Here is a list of the best home remedies for hangnails and how to use them.

Top10homeremedies – Top 10 DIY Home Remedies for Hangnails


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