Six Best Vitamins For Hair


Best Vitamins For Hair Shiny, silky and healthy hair being a dream of all is an all time searched subject. Hair is made up of protein known as keratin that provides strength and gloss to the hair. It starts lacking luster if not nourished and treated well. Though the demons for hair related problems are many such as stress, nutritional deficiency, pollution, sun exposure, hard water, chemical dyes and strong medications, you can actually put back the moisture and health to your crowning glory with small efforts.

If actually what you need to notice a major difference in the health of your tresses, you must take care of what you are eating and which vitamins you are getting each day to keep hair nourished. With a simple change and know how you would be able to keep those tresses lush and luxurious.

Best Vitamins For Hair

Vitamin A

Vitamin A For Hair The generator of essential oils on the scalp, Vitamin A is a much sought antioxidant needed to put a check on flaking and dehydration of hair. It helps in conditioning the hair from start to end as well as preventing dandruff and dry scalp issues.The main sources of Vitamin A are milk, cheese, yogurt, meat, vegetables like broccoli, carrot and spinach, egg yolk, dried apricots and mangoes. These choices can be easily infused in daily diet to make hair shiny and thick.

Vitamin B7 Or Biotin

Biotin For Hair An essential vitamin for hair, Biotin is also popular as H or hair growth vitamin. This vitamin B family substance helps in repairing damaged hair and improving their texture as well. It provides volume and body to the hair by producing essential fatty acids, amino acids and fats.Amino acid being the main building block of protein is an integral part of hair that helps in glucogenesis too. Walnuts, almond, eggs, yeast, cauliflower, bananas and raspberries are some of the choices from where we get Biotin for hair.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 For Hair Curbing hair loss and taking part in the active growth of the hair are some of the important functions of Vitamin B12. It also helps in the iron absorption within the body and stimulating circulation. Hair loss due to the deficiency of iron is effectively reduced if Vitamin B12 is included in daily diet.Whey powder, cheese, eggs, yogurt and milk are some of the vegetarian sources of B12 whereas; fish, turkey and eggs are some non vegetarian options to get enough B12.

Vitamin B9 Or Folic acid

Vitamin B9 For Hair Another hair vitamin from B complex family, Folic acid makes hair thicker. It fights with graying of hair by producing melanin pigment and adds moisture to dull and lifeless hair. Whole grains and fortified cereals are best options to include B9 in daily diet.

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very much needed for the healthy growth and maintenance of the same as it acts as an antioxidant to protect hair from damage and to boost immunity system within the body. Abundantly found in citrus fruits, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and guavas, Vitamin C can be easily incorporated in the diet plan.

Vitamin C For Hair Vitamin E

Very famously known as wonder vitamin for hair, Vitamin E boosts circulation, promotes growth and helps nutrients go deeper into the follicles and nourish the scalp well. Stronger and healthier hair roots are observed after taking Vitamin E for longer periods.It is easily available in nuts, whole grains and dark leafy vegetables. Balanced diet considering all vitamin sources is what we seriously need in order to see magic in the health of hair. Stress free lifestyle and regular workout also help to maintain the same.

Vitamin E For Hair