10 Simple Home Remedies For Jock Itch


Jock itch is a common infection of the skin and as the name suggests, the infection is seen more in men than in women. The infection occurs in the inner thighs as well as the skin surrounding the genitals. The skin on these areas tend to be sweaty most of the times leading to infection.

10 Simple Home Remedies For Jock Itch

Jock itch is caused by infection of fungi on the skin. The fungi are attracted to the moisture of the skin as this provides them the ideal environment for growth. Red and round patches appear on the skin on the thighs, buttocks and the genitals giving the indication of an infection.

Jock itch is easily treated using antibiotic medicines and topical creams and gels. However, you can save the expense of going to the doctor and buying the medicines by using home remedies. These home treatments for jock itch are effective and help get rid of the infection completely.

Home Remedies For Jock Itch

Keep The Skin Clean

To avoid any kind of skin infection it is important to keep the skin clean at all times. When the pores of the skin become clogged with dirt and sweat, it is an open invitation to the infection causing micro-organisms to attack. Take bath twice a day if you tend to sweat more than normal. Bathe thrice a day if you are involved in sports activity.

Always use medicated soap for cleaning the skin if you are prone to skin infections. Use cold water for bathing if the weather permits else use warm water. People who work out in the gym should always clean their skin after working out.

Most of us tend to skip bathing after gym workout because we don’t feel ourselves sweating due to the presence of air conditioners. But bathing after sweating it out is very important for keeping the skin infection free at all times.


Wear Loose Cotton Clothes

Cotton helps absorb the moisture from the skin that maintains the dryness of the skin. Wear only cotton undergarments and loose cotton clothes on top to avoid excessive sweating.Any kind of man-made fabric such as synthetic and nylon will only cause extra sweating. This sweat will clog the pores of the skin leading to jock itch.

Wear Loose Cotton Clothes Cornstarch Powder

Most of us tend to sweat a lot near our genitals because of the layers of clothing that we wear. It is best to sprinkle cornstarch powder on the skin surrounding the genital to keep it clean and dry at all times.

Cornstarch powder will absorb the extra moisture from the skin thus reducing the chances of getting skin infection. Carry cornstarch powder in a talcum bottle and sprinkle it every couple of hours to remain moisture free.


Cornstarch Powder Use Medicated Soap

Medicated soaps are best for cleaning the area around the genitals because they are antibacterial and antifungal in nature. The medicated soaps do not contain harsh and strong chemicals that are used in other cosmetic and heavily perfumed soaps. If the soap tends to smell mice then it is heavily scented with harmful chemicals. Do not use perfumed soaps, talcum powders and deodorants in and around the skin of the genitals.


Use Medicated Soap Crystal Salt

Bathe yourself in crystal salt water as the salt is very effective in removing the extra moisture from the skin. Pour a cup of crystal salt in your bath tub and soak yourself in this bath for 10 minutes.

Gently massage the infected skin using the treated water. This bath will not only treat the infection but also reduce the itching caused by the infection. Crystal salt bath can be done twice a day for best results.


Crystal Salt Oatmeal Bath

Like crystal salt, oatmeal too is effective in reducing the infection and its symptoms. Powder oatmeal into coarse powder form and add two cups of oatmeal powder to your bath tub. Pour in cold water and soak yourself in this bath for 20 minutes. Massage the skin around the genitals with the treated water. Take this bath before going to bed at night as it will help reduce the itching and make you sleep better.

Oatmeal Bath

Do Not Wear Underclothes To Bed

Sleep naked if possible. This will air dry your genitals and help clear the infection faster.

Hair Dryer

It is important to keep your skin dry at all times to ensure that the infection does not recur again. If you already suffer from jock itch then keep the skin around the genitals dry by using hair dryer. Set the dryer to ‘cool’ and dry yourself with it after bathing or after visiting the loo. Your skin will keep dry, which will restrict the growth of the infection causing fungi.

Hair Dryer

Wash Clothes Regularly

It is important to keep your skin as well as clothes clean at all times to prevent jock itch. If you already have jock itch then take utmost care of your clothes and undergarments. To wash your undergarments and clothes first soak them in very hot water for 30 minutes.

Then wash them as usual using water and string detergent. Dry the clothes in the sun. This procedure will effectively kill the fungi causing bacteria. If the clothes are not washed properly, the fungi sticking to clothes will cause the infection to recur. Ironing your clothes will also help kill the fungi.



while you have the infection it becomes important to take good care of your diet. There are certain foods that will only increase and intensify the skin infection. Hence, it becomes important to avoid these foods at all costs. Do not drink alcohol and caffeinated drinks such as coffee.

Also, stop drinking sugar laced drinks since sugar only helps the fungi grow. Stop binging on sugary foods like chocolates, sweets etc. do not eat processed foods like pizzas and burgers. These contain active yeasts that will only help the fungi multiply.


Avoid Dietary Triggers

Consult a doctor for treatment of jock itch if the infection does not show improvement within a week of starting the home remedies. In such cases jock itch could only be an indication of some other underlying disorder or condition.