15 Simple Home Remedies For Hot Flashes


Home Remedies For Hot Flashes Every women reaches a stage in her life when she attains menopause. Menopause is  accompanied by hormonal changes because  there is a cessation of estrogen, the female hormone. This triggers many other health related issues in women.

Fortunately  there are many home remedies which work very well,  to either totally eliminate or reduce the symptoms of  hot flashes. Many home remedies ask for lifestyle changes. Believe me if you follow them, you will be able to sail through this stormy phase rather more comfortably.

List Of Home Remedies For Hot Flashes 


Exercise For Hot Flashes Relief You can choose between these two: yoga or walks. You may stick to one of these or both, as both are an excellent way of keeping the body fit. They can very well complement each other, but be regular. The healthy body will cope with the hot flashes better. Cardio exercises can be another option. Then you can even consider going for  a swim or dance or cycling.

Eat Balanced Diet

Eat Balanced Diet For Hot Flashes Relief The need to eat natural  foods and a balanced diet is very important. The diet has to be nourishing, regular,  and the time schedule also needs to be maintained.

Stay Away From Trigger Foods

Avoid Spicy Foods For Hot Flashes Relief Spicy foods, deep fired stuff, alcohol and caffeine add to the acidity and heat in the body. Some ladies have complaints against white flour, while some feel that coffee aggravates their flashes.


Avoid Smoking For Hot Flashes Relief Hot flashes are known to subside with the discontinuation of smoking. Those who experience very uncomfortable hot flashes do not mind quitting smoking. Nicotine in the smoke is a culprit in triggering hot flashes.

Stay Cool

Drink Juices To Relief Hot Flashes Stay in the cool areas, take bath in the water at room temperature. Saunas and steam baths need to be avoided. Drink cooling drinks.

Use  Cottons

Whether it is your bed-linen or your personal attire, cottons are the only natural clothes which will allow you to stay cool. Completely avoid the synthetics  specially from your bed linen. It has been seen that hot flashes occurring at night can completely ruin your sleep.You may go to bed feeling very comfortable, but  there comes a hot flash leaving  you full of sweat. If you are in synthetics, it is going to feel miserable. Cottons will soak a lot of sweat.

Use Cottons Clothes To Relief Hot Flashes Loose Fitting Dress

It helps a lot if you wear loosely fitting  garments. Dressing comfortably will make your perspiration evaporate quickly.  You can even wear layers of dresses, which can be easily removed, without causing any embarrassment.  As a flash comes,  remove one or two layers and as it subsides can put them on again.

Wear Loose Fitting Dress To Relief Hot Flashes Carry Your Fan

We are talking about your own, very personal hand fan. Fortunately, the markets are stocked with  a variety of fans.  Most convenient  are the folding fans, the traditional folding fans of Asia. They are economical, occupy very little space, and look very elegant and  beautiful.  In fact, they can be bought in all the colors. They act as a wonderful accessory coordinated with your outfit. Even battery operated hand fans are also there in the market.   Using a fan will make you feel comfortable.

Carry Your Fan To Relief Hot Flashes Identify Your Triggers

Get into hit and trial mode. There certain situations, locations, weathers and chores which either start a hot flash or aggravate an existing one. If you can avoid or face it with some modifications, it will prove to be very beneficial.

Be Stress Free

Be Stress Free To Relief Hot Flashes It helps to remain as calm as possible  The best way is,  to avoid such people and such situations which disturb your peace of mind. Try meditation, yoga, go to church, or share your feelings with some confidant. It helps one make stress-free.

Use Black Cohosh

Black cohosh can be bought at the health stores, It has been proved by some studies that black cohosh relieves some symptoms of menopause. Native Americans have used it for centuries. Those with liver problems should consult their doctor before consuming black cohosh.

Black Cohosh To Relief Hot Flashes Try Multivitamins

Many women benefit with the use of multivitamins. Vitamin E has proved very helpful to some. Vitamin D is another necessity, because in the absence of vitamin D calcium will not be absorbed in the body once menopause sets in.

Vitamin E To Relief Hot Flashes Soybeans Can Fight

Soybeans contain a compound isoflavones. These are likely to have estrogen effect and can help in coping with hot flashes.

Soybeans To Relief Hot Flashes Fish Oil

Some women enjoy the complete disappearance of hot flashes when they use fish oil. Upon discontinuing the fish oil,  these flashes may come back again. Hot flashes can  occur due to some deficiency.

Fish Oil To Relief Hot Flashes Try these herbs

Ginseng can help many woman, it may not suit every one. Sarsaparilla is being used for many centuries now. It  has the unique quality of improving hormonal imbalance.

Sarsaparilla To Relief Hot Flashes