Potential Complications Of Breast Augmentation Surgery Most women opt for Breast Augmentation Surgery to look great and get accepted in their social circles. But this procedure comes with its own set of associated risks. The complications arising post Breast Augmentation Surgery may require re-operation or may just subside on their own. Following is a list of all possible complications arising on account of Breast Augmentation Surgery.

List of Complications of Breast Augmentation Surgery


Sometimes blood gets collected inside the wound. This is followed by severe pain and swelling in the breasts. The pain may not subside even after the administration of pain killers. Hematoma may occur within 2 days after the surgery. This can be treated by draining the blood with a tube inserted into the breast. However, if the amount of blood collected is quite small, the body clears a Hematoma automatically.

Capsular Contracture

After placing the breast implants, scar tissue is formed which surrounds the implant surface. This tissue, also called fibrous capsule, keeps the implant firmly in place, avoiding dislocation.

Sometimes, this capsule may thicken and contract. This in turn, contracts the breast implants causing severe discomfort, pain and changes in breast shape. Capsular Contracture can be treated by re-operation where the scar tissue lining the implant is surgically removed.


Bacterial infection may occur where the implants have been placed in the breasts. This is accompanied by pain, fever, redness and swelling. This condition is treated with antibiotics.

Potential Complications Of Breast Augmentation Surgery

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In very rare cases, a severe illness called Toxic Shock Syndrome may occur which can prove to be fatal. For severe infection, the implant is removed surgically and replaced with a new one. However, there is a resting period after the removal of the implant, usually a few months, allowing the breasts to heal completely.

Implant Deflation Or Rupture

Breast Implants placed in the sub glandular position risk rupture or deflation. Same is the case with implants whose size is greater than 450cc. In such cases, surgery is the only way to replace the damaged implant.


Post surgery, fluid may collect around the breast implant causing pain and swelling. Seromas must be removed as they can become infected. Removal can be done by extraction of the fluid using a needle. However, a needle comes with the risk of deflating the implant.

Wound separation

This complication occurs mostly within the first week of surgery. The edges of the wound separate, exposing the implant and creating an open wound. This may require additional surgery to close the wound.

Loss Of Sensation

Potential Complications Of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Many women have reported a decrease of sensation in the nipples or other areas of the breast after Breast Augmentation Surgery. Sensation usually returns after a period ranging from a few months to a year.


After surgery, an extremely thick, red scar may develop on the breasts. This is usually treated by injecting steroids into the scar.

Change In Appearance Of Breasts

Problems like mismatch in shape and size of breasts, rippling, wrinkling etc. may occur. Contour problems are also common. Sometimes, the two breast implants touch each other in the middle of the chest.

Mondor’s Cord

This condition is caused by an inflammation of blood vessels running under the breast. This causes a bulging vein to appear on the breast and abdomen. It normally goes away on its own.

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