Nine Effective Home Remedies For Brittle Bones


Brittle Bones Brittle bones, a weakening of bones and collagen can be caused by Osteoporosis or OI- Osteogenesis imperfecta. Weakened bones and muscles supporting the bone structure can be greatly improved in Osteoporosis through diet and strength training exercises but OI that is congenital and commonly known as brittle-bone disease has no standard cure yet.

However, several important home remedies and supportive therapy for risk reduction can be pursued by children and adults suffering from OI to avoid fractures, injuries, improve their movements, and bone strength. In both conditions several effective home remedies help to ease pain, fatigue and weakness in muscles commonly associated with brittle bones. Home remedies can help in curing brittle bone disease. The best home remedies for brittle bone disease are as follows.

Home Remedies For Brittle Bones


Having a salad with fruits, veggies, nuts, beans and legumes daily provides all important nutrition to keep levels of calcium, vitamin C, magnesium and other minerals, vitamins.


Use fermented products made of milk, like yoghurt in the salad to furnish the body with calcium. The salad can also contain bilberry that has high content of bioflavonoids essential for collagen building as well as flax and sesame seeds.

Drink Up An Infusion

Take licorice and thyme that have rich calcium content in form of infused beverage twice daily. You can also take infusions of Calendula and Sage, known to provide relaxation and strength as symptomatic relief in pains associated with brittle bones. Dried nettle tea provides you good amount of iron and silicon and help in maintaining bone strength.

licorice and thyme infusion

Prepare infusion from dried Comfrey leaf popularly nicknamed ‘bone-knit’ which helps repair of broken or weakened bones. You can boil green tea with lemon peels to counter depletion of calcium while reducing the bone loss. Take dry or fresh Dandelion leaves to prepare a refreshing beverage that works for building bone density.



Have dried or fresh plums, up to 3-6 every day. While all fruits are important if you have brittle bones plums are more helpful since they contain polyphenols, which help in formation of bones and reverse the condition of bone loss.

Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Brittle Bones
Vitamins for Bone Health


Ginseng contains plant estrogens and can be taken thrice daily in form of a drink or tincture. You can have it anytime of the day but preferably before you eat a meal.


High estrogen level present in Ginseng prevents further bone mass erosion and is helpful to improve condition of patients of OI as well as osteoporosis or osteoarthritis.

Consume or Apply Turmeric


Take up to one teaspoon of dried turmeric once in the morning, to reduce pain in bones caused by stress. A paste of turmeric powder with several drops of mustard oil can be applied and lightly massaged on affected area.

Uncaria Gambir

Consume extract of the plant Uncaria gambir that is available in form of liquid or sun dried semi-solid paste every day. The high amount of catechin in this plan has long been recognized by the Chinese as having positive effect to keep bones strong.

Uncaria Gambir plant

Scientific studies performed by different scientists in 1977 and 1984 establish that Catechin from this plant reduces the lysyl hydroxylase activity and brings down the noticeably high level of hydroxylysine in a Type 1 OI patient. You can also directly boil the leaves of this plant in water and drink the prepared beverage. This improves the collagen fiber stability thus reducing chances of fracture.

Dairy & Soy

Milk contains calcium and vitamin D, which is very crucial for bone health. Have adequate milk in diet, a minimum of 3 glasses or equivalent amount of yoghurt.

Dairy & Soy

If you are lactose intolerant and do not prefer dairy take soy that is rich in isoflavones. Have soymilk or tofu at least once daily as nutritional support for helping maintain bone density and prevent further loss.

Black Cohosh

Consume several drops of the tincture prepared of Black Cohosh diluted in a glass of water twice daily to avoid fractures when suffering from brittle bones.

Black Cohosh

You can consume one teaspoon of Black Cohosh extract once every day for improving your estrogen levels and protection from weakening of bones brought on by low estrogen levels.

Exercising & Sunshine

Take minimum 15 minutes of sunshine 2 times weekly. An important home strategy for brittle bones is physical therapy to improve mobility and low impact exercising. Some exercises should be performed after consultation of physical therapist only, but basic movement-based exercising like walking can be done on your own. Aim to perform a minimum of two repetitions of mild weight-bearing exercises daily. Swimming being low impact is excellent, if you have a pool at home.