List of 4 Plastic Surgery Treatments for Cellulite



Do you see small soft dimples on your skin such as on your thighs, upper arms, abdomen and buttocks? These are due to the accumulation of cellulite in these areas. Cellulite gets accumulated more in females than in males but off late males too have been suffering from it.

There are many ways to get rid of cellulite such as exercises in the form of aerobics, dietary restrictions, medicines etc but sometimes the level of cellulite is so high in the body that surgeries become inevitable.  Plastic surgery comes handy here. Plastic surgeries can not only help to get rid of these unwanted fats but also help in reshaping the areas. So read on.

Top Plastic Surgery Treatments For Cellulite


Cellulaze is a new form of plastic surgery that targets the cellulite beneath your skin. In this treatment few tiny incisions are made on your skin and a thin beam of laser is passed through it.

The target of the laser light is the fat cells. This is a onetime solution and does not require multiple visits. However it does not provide permanent solutions. Also you could have scars and bruises on your skin after the treatment.



This is also a form of plastic surgery for treating cellulite in your body. The ultrasound waves are passed into the body. It works just like a magnifying glass which concentrates sunlight to a particular point. Here the target points are the fat cells that are injured or broken down with the help of these ultrasound waves.

If you wish you can combine radiofrequency treatment with ultrasound. The effects would be good but it would burn a hole in your pocket. So plan your treatment accordingly.



This is a cellulite reduction treatment in a non surgical form. It helps in reducing cellulite in your body. In this process, the cosmetic surgeon uses a machine to apply gentle pressure to your skin. It stimulates the breakdown of cellulite. It is a 40 minute process.


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Cold Energy Or Cryolipolysis

Cold energy or Cryolipolysis is a form of killing the fat cells by freezing. It is a non-invasive cooling of the adipose tissue to initiate lipolysis or the breaking down of the fat cells.  It is different from other treatments as there is no necrotic damaging of the fat cells using heat, high-intensity waves or ultrasound, or chemical injections.

 In this process, temperature to the level of frost bite is applied on your skin. This leads the fat cells to freeze before the skin cells because of which the fat cells die fast. These dead cells are then absorbed by the body in due course. The best advantage of this technique is that there is noscarring unlike the above forms of plastic surgeries. Secondly, in this process the other cells are not affected other the fat cells.

There could be many such plastic surgeries to reduce the levels of cellulite in your body but they are often expensive and do not offer permanent solution. Besides there could be side effects too specially the ones where high intensity radio waves or lasers are used. So you should always get the treatment done from a specialized clinic.



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