5 Home Remedies For Fast Weight Loss


Home Remedies For Fast Weight Loss

Increased weight leads to various health situations that can be hard to combat. Certain causes of sudden weight gain like diabetes, insomnia, stress and hypothyroidism are a cause of serious concern.Such conditions need immediate medical attention. While some other reasons that result in weight gain are contraceptive pills, medicines and menopause. However, obesity can be sometimes cured at home as well. Home remedies for weight loss are popular, since they cause quick fat reduction. Home remedies offer zero side effects. Thus, they are one of the best ways to quick weight reduction.

Best Home Remedies For Weight Loss Fast

1. Cabbage

Cabbage is a very common food item that is known to be a warehouse of vitamins and fibers. However, it is not known to the world that cabbage is one of the fastest weight reduction formulas as well. Nevertheless, vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin C increases the body metabolism by triggering the breakdown of carbohydrates. These two vitamins are present in cabbage in abundance, which makes it an effective fast weight loss formula.

The fibers present in cabbage improve digestion. This reduces the amount of toxins present in the body. Toxins do not allow the body to otherwise absorb nutrients, which decreases the metabolic rate. All these toxins are flushed out of the body by cabbage consumption. Thus, the overall metabolic rate of the body increases. Increased metabolic rate increases the fat breakdown as well. Thus, cabbage directly attacks the deposited fat that leads to obesity.

Consequently, fat reduction results in weight reduction. Alongside, cabbage also offers various other health benefits. For all these reasons, this vegetable forms one of the best home remedies for quick weight loss.


2. Honey

Honey is a powerful weight reduction product. It contains metabolic enhancers that trigger the conversion of stored fat into ATP’s. All these active ingredients present in honey minimizes the secretion of stress hormones as well. Therefore, weight gain due to stress is hampered via the consumption of honey.

It also redirects the liver to produce HDL, not LDL. LDL is bad cholesterol that deposits in the body leading to weight gain. Nonetheless, it also leads to the breakdown of LDL already deposited in the adipose tissues. Hence, it effectively helps in reducing the body weight quickly.


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3. Lemon

Lemon is a very common item that is used in various kitchen recipes. Its health benefits are known to the world. However, it also helps in quick weight reduction. Mix lemon juice with lukewarm water and consume it. This supplements your body with digestion triggering agents. Lemon is a citrus fruit that makes it acidic in nature. Acids present in lemon react with the acids present in the stomach.

Thus, the overall potency of stomach acids to digest food increases. Improved digestion means improved metabolism. The better the metabolic rate of the body, the lesser is the fat deposition. Therefore, lemon indirectly alters the fat breakdown in the body for good. Mixing honey with lemon and water increases the fat burning rate manifolds. Moreover, it becomes a magical home remedy for quickest weight loss. You should consume this mixture empty stomach each morning for reduced weight and increased fitness.

It also offers other side benefits like reduced cholesterol, improved heart condition, regulated blood sugar level and increased stamina. All these conditions are though related to the body weight directly. Thus, lemon is one of the most powerful home remedies for fast weight loss.


4. Water

Water is an essential element for life. Though, its relation with weight loss is generally not clear to most of the people. Water essentially constitutes for more than 70% of our body weight. However, it does not mean that reducing water consumption leads to weight loss. Though, it shall reduce the body weight, but it will also cause life threatening situations like dehydration.


On the contrary, consumption of as much water as you can is the correct means to quick and safe weight reduction. Water helps the body to get rid of toxins. Toxins are the substances that hamper nutrient absorbing capability of the body. This leads to poor metabolism. The more water you consume, the cleaner your system remains. It increases the oxygen level in the blood and reduces the toxic level of the body. Thus, it is one of the healthiest and safest home remedies for weight loss fast.

5. Exercises

Exercising is one other home remedy for quick weight loss. Though, you may come across various slimming products in the market that claim to offer weight reduction in 7 days without the need of exercising, however, all these are fake promises and un-natural ways of weight reduction. Such products lead to weigh loss by starving the body, reducing the water level in the body and triggering catabolism.

On the other hand, exercising and regular work out sessions form one of the best home remedies for quick weight loss. Exercising increases the demand of oxygen in the tissues and cells. For the purpose of quickly supplying oxygen, it is required of the heart to pump blood quickly. Thus, the heart needs extra energy. Therefore, the mind directs the body to trigger metabolism that leads to fat conversion into energy for the purpose of supporting the heart for quicker oxygen supply.


This is a very natural way of increasing body metabolism. However, it is necessary to divide your work out session into rigorous and relaxing sessions, one followed by the other. It keeps away the risk of pushing the heart beyond limits. Nonetheless, Exercising is one of the best and quickest means to keep in shape always.

All the home remedies mentioned above are natural ways of fast weight reduction. However, when taking an aid of exercises for slimming, it is better to start the process under professional trainers. It decreases the chances of fatigue or internal muscular injury. Moreover, sudden weight gain can sometimes be an indication of some chronic underlying disease as well.

Therefore, never forget to consult a doctor for proper medical advice. This is required to rule out the fact that weight gain may be an outcome of diabetes, heart problems etc. These diseases are too serious to be treated with home remedies, since they are life threatening health conditions. Thus, always undergo proper medical checkup to rule out any such health condition that may need medical aid.

Some other home remedies for weight loss fast are apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, nuts, coconut oil and green tea.