Home Remedies For Vaginal Odor


Vaginal Odor Vaginal issues and ailments have always been a very rampant problem among women. Just as vaginal itching, vaginal odor is something that can be seen in 8 out of 10 women.

This is one of the critical issues that are very difficult for a woman to avoid. However, medications are not always a good and safe solution. There are quite a number of effective substitutes that can help you reduce the feminine odor considerably. These are completely safe as well as affordable on the pocket.

There are no risks attached, since each of this natural solution is thoroughly researched before recommending it to you. Vaginal odor can be accompanied by discharge as well. This condition is medically known as Bacterial Vaginosis. One of the major causes for the problem can be sexually transmitted diseases. However, this list of home remedies will help you treat it-

Home Remedies For Vaginal Odor

Garlic Wonders

Garlic is one of the cheapest and the most effective ways to treat vaginal odor. It is one of those products that is easily available at home. All you have to do is apply a fresh paste of the same on the affected area. Its anti-fungal properties will kill the accumulation of bacteria and treat the infection. You can also tie the garlic in a clean cloth and keep it for sometime in the vagina.

Use Yoghurt

The healthy bacteria present in plain yoghurt are a perfect home solution for vaginal odor. All you need to do is soak your tampon into this liquid and keep it in the vagina for a while.

Not only will it cure the bad smell but also help in reducing the infection in the area. This is because yoghurt is a great neutralizer.

Adhere To Water

Water is the safest remedy that you can follow when it comes to treating a lot of ailments. One of them is vaginal odor. Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water will flush out the toxins not only from the body but also from your vagina. Since extra sugar in the body is one of the major causes of yeast infection and bad smell, you can remove it from the body by drinking plenty of water everyday.

Maintain Hygiene

Keeping yourself clean and washing the vaginal area regularly will help you stay away from the odor in a hassle free way. Herein, it is very important that you use only a mild and non-scented soap for the purpose. Any form of fragrance should be completely avoided in the area that leads to an increase in the bacteria. Rinsing with lots of water is also suggested where personal hygiene is concerned. This will reduce the mild odors.

Effects Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil again is one of those natural products that have anti-fungal properties. All you have to do is concentrate some drops of this essential oil in water and splash on the vaginal area. This will work real wonders on the problem.

Along with these home remedies a proper eating habit and cotton wear is recommended. For prevention you can also keep the area dry as much as possible.