8 Home Remedies For Ulcers


Home Remedies For Ulcers

Ulcers are open wounds that refuse to heal. They can be found almost anywhere on the surface of the skin. They differ in size from person to person. In many cases, they even develop on the linings of the internal organs. This often happens in cases of peptic ulcers. According to the National Institute of Health, such ulcers develop on the delicate lining of the stomach or along the surface of the small intestine. Such ulcers are often very painful and affect the process of digestion in a negative way. Such ulcers normally occur due to infections caused by the helicobacter pylori bacterium, which is also known as h. pylori. People who develop ulcers on any external part of the body suffer from severe pain and discomfort as well. It is important to keep such ulcers dry and clean to prevent the occurrence of complications from secondary infections.

Most cases of ulcers can be treated with the help of antibiotics that cause them to dry up. However, there are several home remedies, which can also be used to tackle the problem. Given below are some of these effective home remedies.

How To Treat Ulcers Naturally

Milk and Honey

Milk And Honey For Ulcers Relief

This remedy is extremely beneficial in the treatment of peptic ulcers. Honey is a powerful antibacterial agent and is able to act on the bacteria, which are causing the problem of ulcers. Apart from this, milk and honey are also able to neutralize the excessive amounts of acid that might be present in the digestive tract. These acids often cause irritations in the areas that have ulcers. Take a spoonful of honey and add it to a glass of cold milk and mix well. Drink this once or twice each day. This simple home remedy helps to tackle the symptom of pain that is often associated with this condition. People who are allergic to lactose must refrain from making use of this remedy.


Bananas For Ulcers Relief

Bananas are natural antacids. This has been stated by the ‘World’s Healthiest Foods’. People who are suffering from peptic ulcers must make use of this remedy in order to get relief from the symptoms of pain and burning that often occur as a result of this problem. Banana is able to form a protective layer over the ulcerated tissues and this helps to prevent further damage. This layer is a mucous layer and shields the tissues from bacteria and stomach acids. Banana is also known to be an inhibitor of protease, which means that it hinders the growth of the bacteria that are causing these ulcers in the body. If you are not lactose-intolerant, you can have your bananas with milk as well.

Probiotic Supplements

Probiotic Supplements Reduce Ulcers

It is a well-known fact that ulcers are caused by certain strains of bacteria. In order to bring the growth of these bacteria under control, you can make use of probiotic supplements that help to increase the amount of good bacteria. Such supplements also bring about the rapid destruction of any bad bacteria that might be present in the body. This has been stated by the University of Maryland Medical Center. You can also make use of yogurt, which is a natural probiotic. Kefir and kefir products are also effective in their action against such bacteria.


Cranberry Juice Reduce Ulcers

The April 2005 edition of the journal ‘Helicobacter’ states that cranberry and cranberry juice is extremely beneficial in destroying the h. pylori bacteria, which cause the problem of ulcers. They reached this conclusion after conducting tests on people who were suffering from ulcers in the stomach. The people who were given cranberries in the form of juices or supplements experienced a great deal of relief from the symptoms of this condition. However, severe cases of ulcers still required the use of medication along with this juice.

Fish Oil

According to a book titled ‘Alternative Cures’, fish oil is considered to be very effective in the treatment of ulcers as it helps to inhibit the growth and spread of h. pylori infections in the body. Bill Gottlieb, who has written this book, states that fish oil must be used along with corn oil. Both these oils are not only able to treat the problem, but they are also able to prevent its reoccurrence as well. Corn oil can be used for cooking purposes. Those who suffer from ulcers must substitute their cooking oil with corn oil. Fish oil is readily available in the form of supplements, which must be consumed on a regular basis.

Fish Oil To Reduce Ulcers

Foods with Flavonoids

According to the March 2009 edition of ‘Molecules’, flavonoids are very effective in treating and preventing ulcers in the human body. They are able to curb the spread of these infections and reduce the severity of the symptoms that are experienced by the patients. Flavonoids are basically phytochemicals which are effective antioxidants. Due to their antioxidant property, they are able to counter the infection within a short span of time. Flavonoids can be obtained from foods such as cranberries, apples and cherries.

Foods With Flavonoids Reduce Ulcers

High Fiber Foods

Foods that contain good amounts of fiber are considered to be very beneficial for the health of the digestive system. This is because such foods regulate the process of digestion. The body digests them slowly and so they help to keep stomach acid levels in check as well. This fact has been emphasized in a review titled ‘How Diet and Lifestyle Affect Duodenal Ulcers’, written by Ryan Harshman. Common foods that are rich in fiber include whole grains, bananas and vegetables such as broccoli. Make sure to consume such foods in proper amounts on a regular basis.

High Fiber Foods Reduce Ulcers

Foods with Folic acid

According to National Institutes of Health, a deficiency of folic acid can lead to the formation of ulcers inside the body or on the surface of the skin. This vitamin can even be used to treat cases of ulcers. It is part of the b-group of vitamins and must be consumed in conjunction with other vitamins of this group. Foods that contain this vitamin include chicken, lemons, shellfish, liver and beans among other foods.

Folic Acid Foods Reduce Ulcers