11 Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening


A beautiful smile can light up the world. The power of a smile is immense but this can easily be ruined with dull and stained teeth. Yellow teeth bring embarrassment and low confidence along with them. Sparkling white teeth not only mirror beauty but also reflect the health of a person.

Teeth Whitening

11 Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening

Bleach Naturally With Strawberries

Strawberries act as a natural teeth whitener and astringent. They clean the teeth thoroughly with their Vitamin C. Moreover, they contain Malic Acid, which is a strong bleaching agent.

These powerful compounds buff away the stains from the teeth and remove the plaque. Strawberries have a caustic like effect on the teeth. Hence, they are effective in cleaning stains caused due to coffee, wine, dark sodas etc.


Brush With Apples

Crunchy, juicy apples are not only delicious but also a treat for your teeth. They act as a natural tooth brush as you chew them. In this way, they gently scrub your teeth, removing the excess food and bacteria from the mouth. Just like strawberries, they contain Malic acid which helps to dissolve stains. This compound is used in many teeth whitening products to lighten them.


Baking Soda For Noticeable Results

Baking soda is a much sort after home remedy for whitening teeth. Many whitening toothpastes also have it as an ingredient in them. This proves that it is actually useful. Baking soda can be used in a number of ways to clean the teeth. The first way is to add a little to your regular toothpaste and brush gently.

The second way is to mix some baking powder with a few drops of lemon juice and use this mixture as toothpaste. Baking soda can also be mixed with vinegar in place of lemon juice. The best part about this remedy is the fast results. You will see your teeth appearing whiter in just a week!

Baking Soda

Olive Oil

Olive oil is recommended by many dentists for whiter and stronger teeth. The Vitamin E present in this oil kills bacteria that cause gingivitis and bad breath. Olive Oil is very effective in removing tartar from teeth, which does not come off easily with brushing alone.

Hence, it is recommended to apply extra virgin Olive oil on the teeth after brushing. Then gently scrub the teeth. Repeat this process three times a week to remove the tartar completely.

Olive Oil

Veggie Delight

It is interesting to note that many vegetables like celery, broccoli, cucumber, carrots and radish act as natural whiteners. These crunchy vegetables work like scrubs and gently clean the surface of the teeth.

They also increase the production of saliva which kills bacteria and keeps the mouth clean. The veggies wash away food particles that stick to the teeth and remove plaque. Though this remedy does not give immediate results, it helps to keep your teeth white in the long run.


Neem And Basil Treatment

Ayurveda provides a number of treatments to whiten the teeth naturally. One of the most effective is that including neem (Margosa) and basil leaves. Make your own tooth paste mixing sundried basil leaves and mustard oil. This paste helps in maintaining dental hygiene and brightening the teeth.

It also protects the teeth from a number of diseases like bleeding of gums and other infections. This paste is used with neem twigs which act as a toothbrush. This is a traditional remedy for teeth whitening. Simple apply the basil paste on the teeth and rub the neem twigs vigorously on them. The neem oil which gets secreted from these twigs is like an astringent and ensures white teeth.


Banyan Roots

Banyan roots can also be used as use and throw toothbrushes to clean the teeth.

They contain whitening astringent juices which make teeth whiter and gums healthier. Remember to wash the roots properly before using them.

Banyan Roots

The Power Of Babul

Ancient Indians used this tree extract to keep their teeth sparkling with health. Even today, it is used in a number of ayurvedic toothpastes for whitening the teeth. Babul contains tannin which is excellent in making teeth whiter. The best way to use its extract is in the form of its wood charcoal. Just mix the charcoal of babul wood with roasted alum and some rock salt. Rub this on the teeth in place of the conventional toothpaste. You are sure to get long-lasting white, bright and healthy teeth.


The Citrus Cure

Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are great for bleaching the teeth and making them whiter. The citric acid present in these fruits works well in cleaning the stains and aiding in saliva secretion. You can rinse your teeth with lemon juice once a week to remove the accumulated stains.

Oranges are also very useful in curing yellow teeth. Simply rub a piece of orange on your teeth before going to bed to make them brighter. However one must remember not to overdo these remedies as the excess application of acid may harm the teeth enamel. The people with sensitive teeth should avoid it altogether.

Citrus Fruits

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is used as a mouthwash as it is antiseptic in nature but the much hidden fact is that it can also act as a teeth whitener. It is an effective whitening agent and is also included in many teeth whitening kits. A bottle of peroxide, which is easily available in most drug stores, can go a long way to give you whiter teeth and can help to accomplish expensive kits like result in a very cost effective way. This is because hydrogen peroxide is a weak acid and has oxidizing properties like bleaching agents. So rinse your teeth with it regularly and gently rub them with your fingers. Then brush your teeth as usual.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Foods To avoid

One of the most important parts of the teeth whitening regimen is to avoid foods that stain the teeth. This is because they discolour the teeth. This makes them lose their brightness and whiteness.

In order to keep the teeth clean and white, one must avoid foods like coffee, tea, coloured drinks, chocolates etc. Juicy and crunchy fruits with astringent and cleansing properties should be included in your diet.