8 Home Remedies For Styes

8 Home Remedies For Styes

A stye refers to a red and aching lump on the eyelid’s edge, which may look like a pimple. Referred to as infections filled with pus, styes can occur either on the outer or inner part of the lid and can reach up till head. They take place when a gland located at the eyelash’s root gets blocked and swollen.
Although mild styes tend to depart naturally in some days, they are quite irksome, painful, and uncomfortable. However, there are some effective home remedies that aid drastically in relieving the pain and accelerating the healing process. Medical experts right from family doctors to ophthalmologists agree that stye patients can first try the different natural remedies at home for treating the condition. So, here are some effective home remedies for styes.

Top Home Remedies For The Treatment Of Sytes

Apply A Warm Washcloth

Treating the condition with a warm washcloth works by draining the sty naturally without triggering any potential complication. It is vital to drain a sty for preventing its progress towards a serious condition called cellulitis. Heat increases blood flow, so warming the affected area supplies more blood whose white cells fight against the infection. Before you start the treatment, ensure that you wash your hands with warm water and antibacterial soap for averting the spread of infection.

Apply A Warm Washcloth

Then, fill a tub with warm water and immerse a clean washcloth in it for drenching it. Next, squeeze the cloth so that the excess water is removed and then apply it to the affected area directly. Dip the cloth again once it cools down. You will have to repeat this step throughout the treatment session for ensuring a constant application of heat on your eyes.

You can leave the cloth for 15 minutes before dipping it again. Within a day, it is recommended repeating the treatment four times at least. It is suggested to take this treatment up to 4-5 days. You can make the cloth as warm as you like but not up to the extent that tends to burn your sensitive eye skin.

Apply Potato

Experts recommend using a potato by grating it, wrapping it in cheesecloth, and applying it to the stye directly. According to Dr. Geovanni Espinosa who is a naturopathy expert and is the author of ‘1000 Cures for 200 Ailments’, potato is rich in astringent properties that work by contracting body tissues for relieving skin irritations.Raw potatoes are potent enough to decrease inflammation as well as pain due to sty infection. suggests patients to mix potato and warm water, spreading this paste on a cloth, and applying it on the affected area for quick healing.


Use Teabag

Tea is rich in tannic acid that is effective in keeping infections at bay. recommends using wet tea bags for healing styes. For taking this treatment, you need to wet the teabag in warm water and apply it over the area for 15 minutes. However, you need to ensure that the eyes are closed and tannic acid does not go inside the eyes.You can use a teabag with which you have already made tea but ensure that the bag has cooled down so that no burns tend to occur. Alternatively, you can dip a small cloth in the chamomile tea and apply it to the painful area.

Tea Bags

Experience The Magic Of Coriander

You can try coriander eye compress that is also truly effective in reducing inflammation, pain, and tenderness. suggests this home remedy for treating stye infections.To try this remedy, add one teaspoon of coriander seeds in one cup of boiling water and allow the water to cool down for preventing burns. Now, you can use this water to wash the affected eye area at least 3-4 times in a day.

Coriander Seeds

Try Turmeric

This cooking spice is also one of the ideal home remedies for treating stye infections. To use this remedy, you need to boil one tablespoon of turmeric in two cups of water until the level of water reduces up to half of the actual amount.Then, filter all turmeric granules and use the water as eye drops for 3-4 times in a day. Alternatively, you can form a thick turmeric paste that you can apply to the eyes for quick healing.

Turmeric Powder

Put Guava Leaves At Test

It is recommended putting some guava leaves on a cloth warmed by soaking it in boiling water, wrapping the cloth with the leaves, allowing it to cool down, and applying 1-2 leaves at frequent intervals to the affected area. Guava leaves work by reducing swelling and redness over the affected area.

Put Guava Leaves At Test

Avoid Eye Makeup

It is vital to skip eye makeup when sty exists on eyelids. This is because makeup can increase the infection by contaminating the area with bacteria. Once the stye is gone, you even have to take more care of your eye makeup. When you resume makeup again, you need to be careful about removing it on a daily basis. In simple words, you need to remove your makeup before going to bed at night daily.

Avoid Eye Makeup

In addition, you must also wash your eyelids in the morning prior to applying makeup. And yes, never ever share your eye makeup kits with anyone else. This is because allowing someone else to share your own kit or using someone else’s kit can result in spreading the infection.

Practice Good Hygiene

Exercising good hygiene is truly one of the ideal home remedies for dealing with styes. This is because it is powerful in preventing frequent infections. First, you need to keep your hands away from the affected area as well as eyes for preventing the spread of bacteria. Second, always wear clean contact lenses. In case the condition is treated, it is wise to consult with your doctor about getting a replacement pair for keeping re-infection at bay.