12 Home Remedies For Sleep


Home Remedies For Sleep

Good sleep is the key to good health and a cheerful demeanor. When sleep is affected, several accompanying symptoms like irritability, restlessness, lack of concentration, fatigue etc. crop up.

According to medical science, at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is essential for the brain to function well. Instead of resorting to medications and sedatives that have many side effects, here are some great home remedies that will help you fall into a world of ‘sweet dreams’.

12 Home Remedies For Sleep

A Glass Of Milk

Drink Milk For Sleep

A grandma’s remedy which we never used to believe in entirely, there seems to be some truth in this quick remedy after all! Milk has natural soothing and sedative qualities and will help your nerves to relax so that you can fall into a deep sleep without much effort.Before you head to your bed, take a glass of warm milk for this deep and drowsy effect on your body.

Lettuce Seeds

Lettuce Seeds For Sleep

The seeds of lettuce are known to contain a sleep inducing substance, which is known as lectucarium. For preparing an infusion with the seeds of lettuce, add one tablespoon of lettuce seeds to a cup of boiling water.Steep for five to ten minutes and drink this warm before you sleep. Research and experience suggest that this will induce a sound sleep without interruption.

Curd massage

Curd For Sleep

It sure sounds messy, though it is something worth trying out if you are troubled by frequent sleeplessness. Take fresh and thick curd and apply on your scalp.Massage with the tip of your fingers in a circular motion, covering all areas of the scalp. Continue the massage for ten minutes. This will encourage the rush of blood to the scalp and brain. Wash the curd off and dry your hair and scalp thoroughly before heading off to sleep.


Honey For Sleep

Honey is another simple calming remedy that can be used for treating sleeplessness. It has relaxing and calming properties and help a person to fall asleep due to its sedative properties. Before you sleep, take a tablespoon of fresh and organic honey and add this to a glass of warm water or milk, whichever you prefer. Drink just before sleep.

A Hot Water Soak

Hot Water Soak For Sleep

Sometimes lack of sleep is due to extreme fatigue and aches and pains. In such cases, all you could need is a hot water soak just before sleep. Fill your tub with hot water and soak your body for about half an hour.You can add a few drops of calming essential oils like lavender, rosemary etc. to increase the effect of the soak. The hot water will soothe your tired muscles and stiff joints and aid in good sleep as well.


Sugar For Sleep

Sugar is known to have a light sedative effect on the body if you take it before sleep. You can snack on some cookies or chocolates half an hour before sleep to enjoy the sedative properties of sugar. However, ensure that you are not diabetic before you try this simple home remedy.


Chamomile is a herb that offers relaxation and calm to your mind and body. This will help you stay away from stress and also helps you sleep well. Take a cup of warm chamomile tea before sleeping.You may also want to have a hot soak in chamomile enriched water. Add 3-4 tea bags of chamomile to a tub of warm water and soak for half an hour in the night, before you sleep. This is sure to give you good sleep.

Chamomile For Sleep


Valerian is a medicinal herb that is extensively used for treating insomnia. The herb has sedative properties that will help you to fall asleep. It has strong muscle relaxing properties as well and hence great for an overall good rest.The root can be used as a tea, capsule or tincture. If it is the root that you are taking, 2-3 grams of the root powder can be used for making a tea with a cup of boiling water. Steep for ten minutes and drink several times throughout the day.

The preparation can be taken half an hour before bedtime. Valerian must not be taken continuously for more than two weeks as the safety of this herb for long term use is not well researched.

Valerian For Sleep

Bottle Guard And Sesame

The juice of bottle guard is known to be very calming and hence good for sleeplessness. Sesame oil is a good source of tryptophan, which helps in releasing serotonin and inducing sleep.Take three tablespoons of fresh bottle guard juice and add three tablespoons of sesame oil as well to this, after warming the oil slightly. This mixture can be massaged on to the head for fifteen minutes and washed off before you sleep.You can also massage this on to your feet for ten minutes before sleep. This is known to release serotonin and also relax the muscles, thereby aiding good sleep.

Bottle Guard For Sleep


Nutmeg has calming and relaxing properties and is used for treating insomnia. For aiding in sleep, take 1/4th teaspoon of nutmeg powder and add this to a glass of warm milk.This can be taken just before sleep. An eye pack can be prepared from nutmeg by mixing nutmeg powder with some ghee and applying it on the forehead and around your eyes just before bedtime.

Nutmeg For Sleep

Milk And Garlic

Though the odor could be repulsive, garlic and milk together makes a wonderful natural remedy for inducing good sleep.Take a cup of milk and add a clove of crushed garlic to this. Add half a cup of water as well and boil in a low flame until it becomes one cup. This can be taken warm before sleep.

Milk And Garlic For Sleep


Last but not the least, this could be one of the simplest and quickest remedies to calm you mind and body and relieve all anxieties and stress before you head for sleep.Yoga and meditation are known to be wonderfully stress relieving and hence great for sleep problems. Spend ten to fifteen minutes meditating, by focusing on the ‘third eye’ on your forehead while you sit comfortably and inhale and exhale deeply.

Concentrate on the breathing and continue the deep breathing until your heart beats are regulated and mind is completely blank. Do the deep breathing while lying down as well, all the while concentrating on the ‘third eye’. This will help gather good sleep.